Our digital agenda

Digital Point of Sale Tools for Vendors

Our range of digital tools help you as our vendors to communicate with your customers accurately and efficiently. Digital documentation - incorporating digital signature - allows proposals to be sent, signed and returned electronically ensuring speed and security as well as these key benefits:   Accuracy  Faster payouts Time saving which enhances the customer journey  Reduced cost of sales with faster, more efficient turnaround times - enabling you to deliver a quicker service to customers

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Our E-toolkit

Our E-toolkit

Email Communications

The road to transactional efficiency

It all starts with an email address!

As consumer experiences set new service expectations for the business world, digital communications and processes are being demanded by our business customers. To ensure we can meet the changing needs of customers, it is necessary for us to collate the new contact details that will drive this new path. Using email addresses will allow Siemens Financial Services to send all of your communications both securely and efficiently. 

Digital communications also help us to reduce the use of paper and therefore impact on the environment. 

Email is a powerful medium to reach, connect and retain customers through information as part of our service. That's why an email should receive all of the attention that you'd give to any other customer interaction.

Please join us in our email address accuracy drive - get involved and get those email addresses! 

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Deals that don't cost the earth

Help to reduce carbon footprint

We're encouraging our vendors and brokers to join us in our mission for paperless transactions and becoming more environmentally friendly. 

The over-use of paper has a huge impact on a company's carbon footprint - not just from the chopping down of trees to make the paper, but also on the fossil fuel power used for printing, and the chemicals involved too. Not to mention the lorries delivering all of this post. 

Worldwide, use of paper has risen by 400% in the last 40 years. This increased usage take a huge toll on trees. Rapid deforestation - much of it to produce paper products - is a huge concern for our environment.

For every tree SFS saves in paper, we will be donating a tree to the National Forest. Help us to help the environment by going paperless!

Introducing our new AI Postman

With increasing interest and talks of digital revolutions, IoT and digitalization, recent trends continuously show a range of initiatives launched in recent years to transform artificial intelligence (AI) robots and drone technologies into fully integrated recruits. This AI technology sees immediate benefits for businesses, as many are programmed to transition companies into more environmentally friendly, sustainable players.

At Siemens Financial Services, we have a fantastic new intelligent robotic postman designed to send out electronic communications such as financial welcome packs to new customers. This not only saves time but also reduces our carbon footprint by cutting down on that amount of apper used, thereby helping the environment.