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Finance lease from Siemens

With a finance lease, we purchase and own the asset you wish to acquire, and then lease it to you. You pay the cost of the equipment, interest and charges during the minimum term of the agreement, via regular payments scheduled to suit your cash flow. When the lease term ends, you can choose either to keep the equipment or return it to us. If you return it, we will dispose of it and remit a significant part of the sale proceeds to you.   A finance lease enables you to upgrade equipment during the term, and can also include maintenance, so that they are both included under a single contract. 

SFS offers competitive and flexible finance leasing

Our expertise helps us to understand your financing needs

Our market-specific teams have an in-depth knowledge of both financing and equipment within each sector and will be able to advise on the best financial product to suit your business needs. 

Benefits of finance

- Enjoy benefits associated with full ownership of asset

- Minimise upfront costs with no deposit to pay

- Pay for asset through fixed rental payments

- Pay VAT on each rental payment, not on the purchase price

- Offsets some element of rental against taxable profits

Overview of our process

We advise on the most appropriate form of funding and provide finance options.  We then confirm pricing once the equipment has been specified by you and capital price has been confirmed.

In order to ensure you have the cash flow required to afford the payments, we typically require your financial accounts for the last 3 years and supporting information about the nature of your business.

Once credit is approved, we arrange for you to sign and return the documentation to us. For leases, you place a purchase order for the equipment with a supplier and when the equipment is delivered or installed, we activate the lease and pay the supplier. For loans, the funds are transferred directly to your bank account.

Once the equipment is installed and on receipt of the certificate of acceptance from you confirming that the equipment is in working order, we activate the lease and pay the supplier.

Finance lease case studies

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We have generated some frequently asked questions to help you, which can be viewed here. For help with individual enquiries, please contact our team.

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