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Frequently Asked Questions for SieSmart Online Services

We have gathered together a list of the most frequently asked questions.  If however we have not answered your question, please contact us so we can help you with your individual needs. 

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The annual service fee is a flat rate fee applied to your agreement on the anniversary of your lease. This charge covers any documentation that is generated over the year and is a fixed cost.

The asset protection charge is a charge to add the equipment supplied to our own insurance policy. When the agreement is activated with Siemens our insurance broker will contact customers to confirm if they have insurance in place during the term of the agreement. If at the point of activation you have insurance in place, there is the option to send the insurance details to our insurance broker and the Asset Protection charge will be removed. If this is not received the Asset Protection charge will be applied three months after the start of the agreement.

The facility fee is an administration fee charged to set up the lease. This will only be payable together with the first rental payment. 

You can request copies via our Customer Services team directly on 01753 434259 or The team will endeavor to reply to your email within 24 hours.

You can update this via our Customer Services team on 01753 434259 or email us at quoting your agreement and the details of the change. 

Contact our Customer Services team to request a new Direct Debit mandate. Once completed and returned, the team will update the changes and confirm once done.

Please provide in writing details of your payment method request and send to or you can call the team on 01753 434259.

Your notice period can be found in the terms and conditions of your agreement; this will typically be 30 or 90 days before the end of your term.

You can find out your next payment date and contract end date by calling Customer Services on 01753 434259 or contacting the team via email at

You can give notice in writing or over the phone via our Customer Services Team on 01753 434259 or

You can call us on 01753 434259 or email us at who will be able to best advise you of contact details of your dealer if ownership of the equipment transfers to team. If ownership transfers to us at Siemens financial services, our asset management team can be contacted on for details on a return address. 

You will need to contact your original supplier on the lease, if you are not sure who this is, you can contact customer services on or on 01753 434259

Your agreement is a minimum term lease, which means we require notice to terminate your agreement. If this is not received the agreement will roll into secondary rentals, which is in essence on a rolling term basis. You will carry on leasing the equipment at your normal rate until you are ready to give notice to terminate.

You may find this information on your most recent Invoice, Tax certificate or on your lease agreement. If the location is not provided, we would recommend contacting your supplier,  as they would have delivered the equipment and would have noted where it is located.

You can call us on 01753 434259 or email us at who will be able to best advise you of the amount of payments you have remaining. 

If you are on a hire purchase agreement, you will own the equipment subject to an ‘option to purchase fee’ being paid, if this is applicable to your agreement. If you have already discussed ownership or wish to purchase the equipment you will need to speak directly with your supplier.

As this is a finance lease, our data protection questions are in place to protect yourselves and us against any fraudulent activity.

Please be advised that your equipment should not be uplifted until the agreement has been terminated and will remain live until notice to terminate has been received and more information on who the equipment was returned to is provided.

The agreement will require a Novation, if you contact our customer services team they will be able to provide you with the necessary details we will require from yourselves in order to novate the agreement into the ownership of the academy.

If your company is going into liquidation we will require a letter from your solicitor or accountant to confirm this. Once this is received our legal department will best advise you on how they can help on the situation.

The late payment fee is payable if a payment was received by us after the due date, if you are in dispute of this charge you can provide us with more details and we will be able to investigate this internally.

To work out the cancellation amount to retain, our system will then calculate the days used (the number of days insurance was active from the insurance effective date to the cancellation date). This will then be divided by the coverage days (length of the agreement) and then times by the Full Term Customer Charge to get the insurance amount to retain. Acquis insurance will issue a pro-rate refund of 200 days and LISL will refund up to 120 days.

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