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Our tailored funding makes food and beverage manufacturing a piece of cake!  

At Siemens Financial Services we understand that growing your Food & Beverage business is no picnic. Embracing digitalisation and upgrading or replacing equipment whilst responding to changing consumer demands is no walk in the park either. We support companies of any size in the food and beverage industry. We provide you with financial solutions you require to integrate and digitalise your entire value chain completely without the complete capital outlay upfront.


Funding for specialist projects

We offer funding solutions that support expansion and digitalisation within the Food & Beverage industry.
food and beverage report

Food & beverage industry insights 

Our latest report for the Food & Beverage Industry takes a look at the value digitalisation brings to Manufacturers and the disruption known as 'Industry 4.0'. Read our report to discover productivity gains that are uniquely relevant to this industry. 

Why should you work with us?

- Our deep industry expertise combined with our understanding of asset use ensure we can offer a diverse range of financial solutions 


- Our dedicated manufacturing sales teams all have specialist knowledge to help drive value within the Food & Beverage market 


- Our customer support team offer a smooth, quick, easy and transparent service


What value does digitalisation offer the food and beverage industry?

Creating conditions for growth

At Siemens we combine our proven financial expertise with our unique engineering heritage. This ensures we fully understand the risks and opportunities your project presents, enabling us to support your long-term business goals and foster new ways to grow.


We enable industrial productivity by providing Food & Beverage Manufacturers with the finance to increase output efficiency, helping them to boost profits.

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Rising to the challenge

Rising to the challenge: Food and beverage whitepaper

The role of smart financing in navigating the 'new normal'

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