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Our flexible and simple vendor financing solutions help our vendors easily meet their customers’ needs and support them while they grow their businesses. We know that affordable investment in technology and equipment is essential to creating sustainable business growth – that’s why we finance what matters. 


We provide a wide range of business critical equipment and asset finance soluttions such as, but not limited to multi-functional devices, vending machines and telecommunication equipment. If you’re an equipment manufacturer, dealer or distributor we can help you improve your sales. Contact us for a comprehensive list of assets we support or to find out how we can help you.




Vendor Funding Guidelines

At Siemens Financial Services we recognise that technology has changed the way we communicate. Download our Vendor Funding Guidelines to find out more.

Why work with us for vendor loans

Available 24/7, our digital tools enable you to securely and conveniently access your finance portfolio

Digital tools


For those who are out on road meeting clients, generate a quote quickly in only 4 steps with our award winning app.  Propose and sign deals via e-signature anytime, anywhere and on any device without needing to return to your office first.


Read more about MySFS here

SieSmart & E-Signature

Specially designed for our equipment, machinery and technology vendors and other business introducers, our SieSmart Portal provides comprehensive support for sales working with SFS – and ultimately means a fast and flexible  integrated financing for vendor and introducers’ customers.


Extensive functionality includes quotation engine, instant decisions, the ability to tailor agreement terms and generate e-documents for e-signature.


For vendor and introducer finance agreements already arranged via SFS, access to your own live portfolio and quick generation of upgrades to serve customers efficiently and effectively.  


Read more about SieSmart here


Our API allows you to streamline the proposal creating process by integrating your own CRM with our system for rapid pricing and credit decisions.

Benefits of linking to our systems via our API:

  • Greater levels of automation – Let our API do the heavy lifting for you.  You will be able to create the proposal, along with the relevant customer and asset information directly from within your own system
  • Increase your efficiency – There is now no need to enter proposal details twice.  Our flexible platform aligns with yours to deliver fast credit decisions right back to your CRM system
  • Platform flexibility – Our modern technology ensures connectivity with whatever CRM system you use
  • Adaptation and personalisation – The modern architecture of our APIs allows us to keep pace with changes and can be adapted as required
  • A human touch to technology – No technology can replace the service and guidance provided of our sales teams, who will be on hand to support you throughout 


                                            Read more about APIs here

Vendor financing is a combined technology and financing proposition: the vendor supplies machinery, equipment or technology and we provide the right asset finance package. Customers gain improved access to cutting-edge machinery, equipment or technology that effectively pays for itself as it is used.


Case Study: lease finance for vending machine supplier in the UK


Our vendor financing packages are powerful tools that – as used as part of your sales process – can grow your business. 

Thousands of UK businesses choose to lease equipment through SFS because of the advantages over other forms of finance. Our tailored financing packages give your customers better access to the machinery, equipment and technology that will increase their productivity and efficiency and help them stay competitive.

Assets we finance

We provide vendor financing for a wide range of assets essential to the growth. Contact us for the full comprehensive list.

Vendor Finance solutions

The excellent automated processes SFS has put in place mean we can be sure that our leases are activated straight away, without worry about lost or incorrect paperwork in the post
Andrew Scully, Commercial Director, Big Change Apps Ltd

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Talk to the team

If you have any questions about vendor finance from Siemens Financial Services, or simply want to have a conversation about its benefits, why not contact a member of our team? Our specialist finance experts will take you through the detail so you understand how our finance packages can support you and your customers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         *Finance for businesses, local authorities, public sector and other non-consumer opportunities only, subject to credit approval.