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Extended Payment Terms

Customer driven payment terms
Enable your business to invest without restricting your cash-flow 

How Extended Payment Terms works

Our Extended Payment Terms are exclusively available to Siemens customers and approved partners. With these customer-focused terms, you decide when to use them and let us know when you need them. Enabling flexible repayment options, our Extended Payment Terms (EPT) allow you up to 180 days to pay the supplier - giving your business the liquidity and access to capital that it needs.

Understanding EPT

With our EPT solutions, a tri-party agreement is created between the relevant Siemens division, Siemens Financial Services (SFS) and you. By providing a revolving credit facitity, SFS purchases the goods from Siemens and distributors to sell onto your business, which enables you to have access to up to 180 days extended payment terms. 

Benefits of Extended Payment Terms

Siemens Financial Services provides automated, flexible financing arrangements. EPT can benefit you in a number of ways: 

  • Integrated into the order process resulting in low administration times
  • Payment terms up to 180 days with flexible repayment options - choice of when to pay 
  • Allows expenditure to be matched with cash flow requirements 
  • Frees up additional financing to invest in growth opportunities 
  • No impact on existing lines of credit 
  • No additional security required
  • Transparent and competitive pricing 

An overview of our processes 

You continue to negotiate directly with Siemens to finalise the details of your order

When you place an order, indicate a requirement for Extended Payment Terms by ticking an optional box

SFS will then send out a Tri-Party agreement between you, Siemens and SFS

Siemens will invoice SFS directly for your purchases once the order has been fulfilled

Simultaneously with Step 4, SFS will invoice you with payment terms of up to 180 days

For ease of payment, your account with be debited on the 180th day

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