Laboratory & pharmaceutical industry finance

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Laboratory & pharmaceutical industry finance

Tailored financing solutions

We work with operators of healthcare and other laboratories providing expertly tailored financing solutions suitable for acquiring the equipment and facilities needed to operate effectively and profitably.   Siemens has in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and its place within the UK healthcare sector. 

Market focus

Supporting your laboratory and pharmaceutical finance needs

At Siemens Financial Services we offer a comprehensive range of finance solutions for laboratory and pharmaceutical industries

Laboratory industry finance

Our knowledge of the laboratory sector combined with our access to finance markets and our position as part of Siemens Group to make us a competitive, flexible and understanding finance partner. 

Pharmaceutical industry finance

We work with companies engaged in all aspects of the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products, arranging expertly tailored finance for the acquisition and upgrade of equipment.  Our access to finance markets and position as part of the Siemens Group combine to makes us a competitive, flexible and collaborative finance partner with which to develop your pharmaceutical business for the long term.

An Overview of our process

We advise on the most appropriate form of funding and provide finance options.  We then confirm pricing once the equipment has been specified by you and capital price has been confirmed.

In order to ensure you have the required cash flow to afford the payments, we typically require accounts for the last 3 years and supporting documents about the nature of your business.

Once a credit facility has been approved, you are then required to sign and return the documentation to us.  For leases, a purchase order is then placed for the equipment and it is delivered or installed by the supplier. For loans, the funds are transferred directly to your bank account.

Once the equipment is installed and on receipt of the certificate of acceptance from you confirming that the equipment is in working order, we activate the lease and pay the supplier.

What our customers say...

Always helpful and proactive. Siemens has been our principal lease partners for over 15 years.
John Twycross, Managing Director, Launch Diagnostics

Benefits of financing with Siemens

  • Long history and market leading position in NHS leasing market
  • Makes latest technology available without use of capital funds or cash reserves
  • Assists with budgeting by defining fixed payments
  • Provides ability to upgrade to new equipment on regular basis
  • Cost effective alternative to bank funding
  • Reduces upfront costs and improves cash flow by not requiring deposit
Laboratory and pharmaceutical industry case studies

Working in partnership to deliver tailored finance solutions

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We have generated some frequently asked questions to help you, which can be viewed here. For help with individual enquiries, please contact our team. 

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