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Industry finance

Customised financial solutions for your business

Siemens represents a reliable, long-term financing partner for manufacturers and equipment suppliers with more than 150 years’ experience in manufacturing and our access to global finance markets.  The UK has historically had a pivotal role in the development of manufacturing and technology; Siemens' industrial excellence fused with Siemens Financial Services' expertise is an excellent combination that will continue to bring innovation to this vital market.   Our specially tailored financial solutions can help UK businesses purchase cutting-edge technologies from both Siemens and third-party manufacturers in a cost-effective way.  We have expertise across different industry sectors such as machine tools, production manufacturing equipment, and construction equipment to help your industrial productivity and support your success.

Market focus

Supporting all your financing needs

Our products offer financial solutions to the machine tools, production manufacturing and construction equipment markets

Machine tools finance

Our customised financing solutions help production companies acquire and upgrade machine tools to drive operational efficiency and profitability; from lathes and machining centres to grinding machines and extruders. As part of the Siemens Group which manufactures machine tool drives and motion controls, we understand the benefit that up-to-date technology can bring to the manufacturing business.

Our comprehensive financing expertise, combined with our in-depth industry knowledge, makes us a competitive, flexible and understanding partner in financing materials processing technology.

Production manufacturing equipment finance

Siemens Financial Services works with manufacturers in all industries to provide expertly tailored financing solutions. We finance both Siemens and third-party production equipment, as well as financing the facilities and infrastructure needed to ensure a highly efficient production process.

Our thorough understanding of the industry sector, combined with our financing expertise, makes us a capable and dependable long-term finance partner that can contribute to your business success.

Construction equipment finance

We know that construction companies operate in a highly cyclical environment and need a finance partner they can trust. Our thorough industry knowledge and access to finance markets make us a reliable financing partner for the construction industry.

Through the provision of tailor-made finance solutions we can help construction firms acquire the equipment they need to expand service capacity and increase efficiency.

Overview of our process

We advise on the most appropriate form of funding and provide finance options.  We then confirm pricing once the equipment has been specified by you and capital price has been confirmed.

In order to ensure you have the required cash flow to afford the payments, we typically require accounts for the last 3 years and supporting documents about the nature of your business.

Once a credit facility has been approved, you are then required to sign and return the documentation to us.  For leases, a purchase order is then placed for the equipment and it is delivered or installed by the supplier. For loans, the funds are transferred directly to your bank account.

Once the equipment is installed and on receipt of the certificate of acceptance from you confirming that the equipment is in working order, we activate the lease and pay the supplier.

What our customers say...

Working with Siemens is a great example of innovative and tailored financing having a real impact.
Gary Charlton, UK Operation Director, Pilkington

Benefits of financing with Siemens

- Access to latest industrial equipment without use of capital resources
- Simplified budgeting and financial transparency with fixed payments
- Regular technology updates could provide efficiency savings and increase productivity
- Cost-effective alternative to bank funding
- Often no deposit required, which may help cash flow
- See more of the benefits of finance     
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