Flexible financing for the automotive sector

Digitalization is changing the way in which we do business in the automotive sector - increasing the pace of design and production and challenging the customer expectations we thought we knew. Whilst the pressure on companies to deliver against customer expectations is increasing, the continuous advances in engineering technology present opportunities for business in our industry to maintain a competitive advantage. Specifically, our customers are keen to capitalize on the shift towards digitalization and use our flexible financing products to support their investment plans.    I recently read in Siemens UK CEO Juergen Maier's blog post that the UK Government has estimated industrial digitalization has the potential to boost UK manufacturing by £455bn, increasing sector growth by up to 3% per year, creating a net gain of 175,000 jobs whilst reducing CO2 emissions by 4.5%. With this growth in the sector as a whole, there is enormous opportunity within the automotive arena to deliver unique solutions.    The data now available to us demonstrates the continuing drive toward developments that will save businesses time and cost. Digitalization will bring about significant industry change.  Fully connected cars for example - where connection to the internet will enable fluid transfer of real-time performance data - could have profound implications for the way we design, manufacture, service and use vehicles. Forward looking businesses recognise the need to invest in new technology. Increasingly, manufacturers are looking to meet this investment challenge by adopting smarter financing techniques - something we refer to as Finance 4.0. These financial solutions are designed with cutting edge equipment in mind and ensure payments are aligned with the cost-saving outcomes these innovative technologies are able to deliver.    We are fortunate to be in a unique position within the industry financing market as we are able to draw on decades of financial experience, but also more than 170 years of technical expertise from a manufacturing standpoint. We combine our financial packages with this technical know-how from the wider Siemens business to deliver the best solutions for the customer, looking beyond just the numbers and making use of the developments taking place in both the financial services industry and automotive sector. This enables us to give the customer a holistic picture of what the best financial arrangement is to suit their particular equipment make-up.    At Siemens Financial Services, our Industry Finance team includes manufacturing technologies specialists. This week, we're at the MACH exhibition in Birmingham, where we will be joining forces with our Digital Factory colleagues. We will be on hand throughout the week at Stand 530, Hall 18 in the Birmingham NEC. If you would like to speak to one of the team to explore how working with Siemens Financial Services could benefit your business, call us on  01753 434 160 or send us an online enquiry here.    Neli Ivanova, Sales Manager, Industry Finance & Machine Tools