Discover the MySFS Finance tool 


MySFS is a mobile finance tool that enables Introducers and their customers to complete deals quickly and smoothly, on the spot, wherever their business takes them.

Siemens Financial Services responds to the changing demands of introducers with MySFS

MySFS provides users with a credit decision at the point of sale – quickly, seamlessly and with minimum fuss.


A front-end application (‘MySFS’) acts as a mobile gateway to the SFS SieSmart credit decision interface and integrates with our proprietary E-signature and digital documentation platforms, thereby giving introducers the opportunity to propose and sign deals on the go.


The tool provides end-to-end control of every deal. An intuitive user interface enables introducers to select assets, input data and navigate through the stages of creating a quote quickly and easily. Rapid credit decisions are returned seamlessly, enabling them to agree terms and draw up paperwork instantly.


By providing fast, accurate quotes, MySFS helps them to grow their qualified lead pipeline – with the resulting potential for accelerated sales and business growth.

MySFS Provides tangible benefits

With access to affordable financial solutions and on-the-spot credit decisions, purchases are more efficient and access to new technology is delivered more rapidly. 


Designed with efficiency at the core


The key to the system’s usability is its simple and intuitive front-end application that is accessible from any device with a reliable WiFi connection. It gives sales teams in practically any location or situation the opportunity to secure new business quickly and easily, eliminating the lead times associated with implementing financial solutions. Its capacity to deliver instant credit decisions on the go is what makes this technology a sales-friendly tool in this space. By responding to introducer demand and end user expectation, SFS has delivered a tool that will enhance the way in which financing deals are agreed. 

Fast, simple 4 step process to load to load a deal