Are you ‘so 20th century’ when it comes to managing your finances?

Julian Hobbs, CEO at Siemens Financial Services UK

On the go.

That’s got to be a phrase that resonates with most working people in the 21st century, right? Our electronic devices of choice make it easy to double up – we can work and walk, we can respond on the run, we can access all areas 24/7. Anything less than instant seems so 20th century.


What about ease and convenience? These have become stalwart buzzwords for modern-day living. We don’t want complicated. We don’t want hard to use. We want our systems and our apps to be readily available when we want them, and wherever we want to access them.


And then there’s security. There is (quite rightly) and expectation that whoever we give our personal and financial information to will protect it. We expect that whatever data we choose to share will be safeguarded against potential cyber threats.

Bringing flexibility to finance

We admit it. Financing hasn’t always been perceived as a fast-moving industry. Not so here at Siemens Financial Services! We know that our customers need to be able to access their finance information: securelyeasily and conveniently and (probably) on the go.


Our response? SieSmart Customer Portal.

We have created SieSmart online services so our customers have the flexibility to securely manage their finance arrangements as and when they want to. Whilst we’re always happy to talk to our valued customers, we also realise that we can improve their experience by responding to what’s important to modern, dynamic business, and that’s one thing we all seem to be short of – time.


You’re an SFS customer? Here’s what SieSmart can do for you

We know that 9 to 5 isn’t always achievable for our customers. Business is busy, lives are busy and people need flexibility. SieSmart provides you – as a customer -  with 24/7 access to your portfolio information, which also includes any expiring agreements you have. With instant access available on whatever device you use, you can retrieve asset details and supplier information wherever you are, so there’s no delay in finding the facts, figures and statistics you need to be able to make quick decisions.


No more searching through filing cabinets!

As a SieSmart user you also have the ability to retrieve your invoices and tax certificates and easily generate copies of your agreement documents to make sure there are no unnecessary hold ups. One of the main benefits to SieSmart is that it is super secure which means you can feel safe managing your balance and future payments online.


It all starts with a call

So, we’re back to ease and convenience. We’ve made sure that getting started with SieSmart Online Services is as simple as possible. If you like the sound of instant access finance management, just pick up the phone. Your account will be set up within minutes of talking to one of our dedicated team members – how’s that for 21st century service?

Julian Hobbs, CEO at SFS COF UK

Julian Hobbs is Chief Executive Officer at Siemens Financial Services Ltd UK. He joined Siemens in 2010, bringing with him 20 years extensive experience in financial services, across a variety of roles.  He is an advocate for sustainability, working with local businesses and charities to support the local community, providing thought leadership and challenge to the financial services sector on areas such as diversity and inclusion and is passionate about attracting new talent into the industry. In his role at Siemens, Julian is driving forward the development of innovative and creative financing solutions to enable the capital investment needs of clients.