Business-building Insights from your Ideal Financing Partner

David Jackson- Sales manager, Vendor finance 

As per my colleagues blog written recently called Choosing the Right Financing Partner which talked about the top qualities to look for in financing partner – one that will give your business the best support to enable and sustain sales through these volatile times.


Once these overall qualities have been assessed, it’s also worth investigating what added-value insights and information the financing partner can offer to provide business intelligence that really helps the vendor build their business.

A description of those added value insights is in our short report on what makes an ideal financing partner – objective research findings based on input from our 300+ UK vendor partners. Here’s a taster.


The best financing partners will be able to tell you how your financing contract is performing. You’ve worked hard to hammer out the T&Cs and to establish a service level agreement (SLA), but is the business flowing through as expected? Using their smart finance platform, the financing partner should be able to give a quick answer to any queries that your sales teams, finance or general management pose.


Providing insight to your business is more important that marginal differences in rate. You should have instant access to key business intelligence. Your finance partner should be able to demonstrate to you ‘how you compare’ to others in your marketplace or sector. By benchmarking your performance against vendors of a similar profile you will be able to see where the biggest room for improvement is to further drive sales.


Another key insight is understanding ‘what is coming over the horizon’. Your finance partner should be continually protecting your business from changes in legislation for example or providing deeper understanding of industry trends. Now more than ever is the right time to pick a funder who will help you navigate your business through these challenging times.


That’s just two of the findings in our report. Why not get your own copy here and see if your financing partner network is all it could be?

David Jackson- Sales manager, Vendor Finance

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