How can finance specialists help vending businesses through the economic crisis caused by the  pandemic? 

 David Jackson - Head of vendor finance

With many companies now opting for a hybrid work from home/office model, the collateral damage left behind by Covid and this once in a generation event will be profound and long lasting.


But if we have learned anything from the past 60 years of supporting our vending customers with smart finance, it is that they have an entrepreneurial spirit like no other. We have seen our partners adapt and diversify their products and marketplaces at a lightening pace.


At Siemens Financial Services (SFS), we have seen change in the market coming for some time. We’ve spent the last several years digitally transforming our offering into a smart finance environment where our vendors no longer need to physically visit their customers to complete new finance deals. We have created a digital eco-system where vendors can see their entire portfolio in a matter of seconds and have introduced them to new asset types to help re-build their businesses. We have removed the need to rely on key individuals to get things done. We continue to innovate and this foresight has been key to supporting our vending customers in these extraordinarily volatile times.


The vending industry will bounce back, but vendors will recover at different speeds, and those who will come back the quickest will be businesses who embrace change. 


Our priority is to help businesses in the vending industry make this transition. We have built the tools to access innovation and digitalisation and we’re already seeing the leading vendors seize that opportunity.


We are ready. Are you?


David Jackson- Sales manager, Vendor Finance

A financial services expert who has operated as a senior sales and customer experience leader for several years. Focused on developing strategic, long term relationships with our prospects and customers through delivering insightful solutions. A highly engaging and motivated individual with an entrepreneurial spirit who brings energy, fun and positivity to every situation.


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