Hybrid working: what is the perfect balance?

Julian Hobbs, CEO, Siemens Financial Services UK 

The pandemic experience has made any organisations reconsider ways of working for their employees, but what is the perfect balance?


In our latest whitepaper, Julian Hobbs, takes a look at  key factors to consider in the move to hybrid remote / office working. 

Julian Hobbs, CEO, Siemens Financial Services UK 

Julian Hobbs is Chief Executive Officer at Siemens Financial Services Ltd UK. He joined Siemens in 2010, bringing with him 20 years extensive experience in financial services, across a variety of roles.


 He is an advocate for sustainability, working with local businesses and charities to support the local community, providing thought leadership and challenge to the financial services sector on areas such as diversity and inclusion and is passionate about attracting new talent into the industry. In his role at Siemens, Julian is driving forward the development of innovative and creative financing solutions to enable the capital investment needs of clients.