Internal Talent Development Part 1

Felicity Dexter, Digital Sales & Customer Enablement Specialist

There is a common misconception that success means specialising in one role and progressing up a strictly linear career ladder, the truth however is much more flexible and much more exciting. Increasingly, adaptability is becoming one of the most sought-after traits in new employees, the ability for any employer to draw on a vast pool of talent able to fit in to vacant positions as and when they appear is invaluable.


At SFS we pride ourselves on the flexibility and breadth of opportunity available to those who work with us. We believe your career path shouldn’t be set in stone from the moment you take on your first role, it should grow and adapt as you do throughout your professional life.


That’s why we’ve decided to launch a series of blogs from some of our colleagues sharing their career experiences with SFS, to demonstrate how we develop our talent in all facets of the business. First up, here’s Digital Customer Sales Enablement SpecialistFelicity Dexter:


As functions go, Collections, Sales and IT really are at completely different ends of the business, and if you had told me at the start of my career that I’d end up working in all three at the same company, I never would’ve believed you.  


When I joined SFS I was studying for a Degree in Credit Management and I really thought the only career path was to specialise in one area and to consistently move up, now I can’t imagine giving that advice to anyone.


SFS offers so many opportunities to work on cross departmental projects and trusts you enough to take on important responsibilities. I’ve always tried to be involved in things like this, not only does it allow you to develop new skills and knowledge in a new area, but it’s also a great opportunity for you to grow your network.


After my eldest son was born I was looking for a new direction, a job that would still challenge me but also give me a better work life balance. At the time the Women’s Network were running an initiative called Lean In and the first session I attended was called “It’s a Jungle Gym not a Career Ladder”. This, combined with the network and experience I had gained from working on cross departmental projects, really gave me the confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone and apply for a job in IT.


Joining IT without any IT qualifications really felt like jumping in at the deep end, but it has taught me that you always have something to bring to the table, and that you should never underestimate your skills, your knowledge, and your network. In an ever-changing company like SFS you will always be learning, and if you are in a diverse team there will always be people around you with knowledge and skills that compliment yours.


I was recently presented with 2 very different job opportunities, both a little out of my comfort zone and both equally challenging, so for me it was about deciding where my skill set would make the most impact and which job I’d enjoy the most.


I no longer believe in a career plan, as long as I feel that I am learning and developing then I am moving forward. I like not knowing where I might be working in five years’ time, and I’m very lucky to be with a company that affords me this luxury and security.


If you’re interested in a career with SFS, then please don’t hesitate to head to our website for more information:

Felicity Dexter, Digital Sales & Customer Enablement Specialist


 I’ve been with SFS for 16 years, and am currently the Digital Sales & Customer Enablement Specialist, which is a new role within our Sales team. My role is to recognise the ever changing way we interact and do business with our customers. My passion is People and Process and I’m really excited to be in a role where I can combine both to enhance our customer's digital journey. 

When I’m not at work, my 3 children keep me busy. I love working flexibly to be able to enjoy the school holidays with them. I try to support my local community and use the volunteering days offered by Siemens to be a Governor at a local School. When I do have spare time I spend it with my wider family or catching up with friends over a glass of wine (or 2!)