From slate to tablets, Siemens Financials Services celebrates 60 years in the business!

Jo Harris- Sales director, vendor finance 

This year Siemens Financial Services (SFS) turned 60. That’s 60 exciting years of supporting our customers and their industries through thick and thin and a diamond celebration of our unparalleled commitment to the market. 


We’ve experienced so much over the last six decades, learning from our customers, building relationships, and supporting the unrolling of new equipment and technologies. Unlike most 60 year-olds, we’re quicker than ever, bringing our customers convenience through high-speed decisions and processes that make it easier and lets them close more deals faster.    


Indeed, so much has changed since 1960, the year The Beatles formed and pre-sliced bread was first readily available at the shops. Not just the music we listen to and the food we get excited about but the way things are produced and consumed across the world. We’ve moved from ink-to-paper signatures - delivered by post, then scanned to email - to digital e-signature technology which enables a deal within seconds. Cars were only just becoming affordable and mainstream for the average consumer 60 years ago and now we’re seeing the successful rollout of electric vehicles and buses. Even the energy we use and the way it is deployed has changed dramatically from primarily coal to a mix of renewables that can be used to efficiently power smart buildings, hospitals, even cities.


Whatever the innovation, we’ve been here every step of the way and kept our own business evolving alongside it and, most importantly, alongside our customers. After all these years and all this change, we’ve never forgotten that the core of our business is the customer. We couldn’t have done any of this without them, for this we are extremely grateful.


Now in our sixtieth year of business we have so much to be proud of. We’ve had the pleasure of working for and serving some fabulous customers and industries that have grown up and changed as we have. We believe in financing what really matters. That’s why we will continue to listen and learn, to help businesses achieve their goals and to generate lasting value for organisations and society through responsible, sustainable solutions.


Truth be told, celebrating a birthday has felt somewhat strange in 2020 and though this has been an unprecedented year for all of us, one thing remains unchanged - we are still here for our customers and their business. And while we don’t know what the next 60 years will bring, we plan to be there to see them through it.


If you'd like to find out more about Siemens Financial Services and how we support businesses, please take a look at our 'We Finance What Matters' video. 


Jo Harris- Sales director, vendor finance 

After 20 years in the leasing industry and with a track record of successful delivery of goals and expectations I have a wide experience in sales strategic planning, operations and an excellent knowledge of sales.


Cultivating mutually beneficial relationships and using a entrepreneurial and coaching style of leadership to consistently deliver increased revenues, market share and profitability whilst driving collaboration in order to improve processes and productivity across the business.