SFS joins forces with Lease Group


As a well-established brokerage based in Hove, Lease Group needed a funder who could support them on their digital journey. With customers’ needs rapidly changing, having a funding partner with the ability to offer a streamlined process incorporating automated decisions, digital documents and same day pay out was a necessity.


With over 800 vendor partners, providing the best Customer Service is critical. Lease Group required a partner who also lived by these values, and this was vital in the selection process. With the use of API functionality, we at Siemens Financial Services made it happen.


The API connection allows Lease Group to plug their Partner Portal system into ours, removing the need for ‘dual keying’ into two separate systems. The information transfers into the SFS auto-decision tool at the touch of a button, and Lease Group benefit from an instant decision to their vendors, creating a seamless process. 


By removing any delays experienced with traditional underwriting, Lease Group and their vendors will have the ability to drive additional new business by:

·       Streamlining proposal creation and having access to instant decisioning and generation of E-signature documents

·       Enhancing productivity as only one set of data is needed to be input into the Partner Portal system

·       Managing deals in real-time using a single platform.


Now that the API is live and the technical aspects are complete, we will continue to work with Lease Group to ensure the process is as seamless as possible. If you're a broker looking to effectively drive new business, get in touch  with us to find out how you can get started today.