How SieSmart is enabling the digital drive for Brokers

George Littlewood, Sales Manager at Siemens Financial Services 

As a Sales Manager at Siemens Financial Services for the Block and Broker Finance channels I have always worked closely with our customers developing what we perceived to be market leading digital tools and solutions. For many years I have felt that we have been pushing the needle on digital strategy and really supporting the customer base. All this is good. But is it?

Little did we know that customer requirements would change, and quicker than we thought. The effects of the pandemic left us isolated in our homes. Businesses scrambled to set up remote working capabilities, and everybody was stuck at home. Business had to continue, and finance for equipment was still needed. All this accelerated the need for a digital offering. Something that could help us all accomplish our daily work remotely. Thankfully at Siemens we’ve been working with our broker base for several years to develop a digital platform that would help simplify this process. Who knew that the time for this strategy to really move forward would happen so quickly?

SieSmart sees an exciting evolution, marking another big step forward for Siemens in our mission to be recognised as the leader in digital technologies and innovations in all the areas we serve. We saw record use of our online partner portal during COVID-19, which prompted the platform's relaunch with an updated and simplified user experience. By continuously driving innovation across all of our digital tools, this latest update allows our valuable brokers to get what they need whenever they need it. 


Review, feedback and optimise


At Siemens, we really value the feedback we receive and are always looking for ways to improve our portfolio of digital tools to make them easier for our brokers.


In a time of speed and convenience, we have developed and upgraded the user experience of our SieSmart platform to provide our brokers with exactly what they need under one single, online portal. We recognise that the platform is only as strong as its outputs and therefore continuously analysis our system rules to ensure that credit decisions are delivered as efficiently as possible. Currently 70% of all broker proposals receive an automated credit decision, enabling our brokers to provide their customers with market leading response times.


Using our new and improved SieSmart platform helps you:


·       Propose transactions and receive instant credit decisions

·       Manage your pipeline, generate upgrades, and renew acceptances with 24/7 real-time access

·       Draw up paperwork ready for clients to sign instantly via our online E-signature tool

·       Make on-the-go decisions with an enhanced user experience, fully responsive on all devices


Exactly what you need when you need it


Our SieSmart Partner Portal maximises the efficiency, ease, and flexibility of online financing, eradicating the need for multiple tools. Currently, 95% of all proposals are now loaded externally through SieSmart. With instant finance management access available on all devices, our dynamic platform means that there is no delay in finding the facts, figures and statistics brokers need to make quick business decisions. Everything our brokers need can be located in one consolidated and secure location. By combining speed and efficiency with on-the-go credit assessments, we ensure our brokers are able to access their financing arrangements anytime and anywhere.


We are excited with the continuous evolution of our digital platforms and confident the new and improved SieSmart better meets the needs of our brokers. We are consistently improving business efficiency and lowering our carbon footprint through digitisation. Are you ready to join us?


Learn more about SieSmart and our other online services available to you right here:

George Littlewood - Sales Manager, Block and Brokers

A sales leader with diverse experience across multiple areas of asset finance. Leading a national team of Business Development Managers servicing 120 customers across the Broker, Block and Wholesale market.  I am passionate about developing innovative solutions and building strong relationships with customers and business partners.I also have a  strong track record of developing high performance sales teams, driving strategic change, and delivering on targets.