SieSmart: enabling smarter relationships for vendors

David Jackson, Sales Manager at Siemens Financial Services 

Building solid relationships and providing first-class customer experience is at the heart of what I do as National Sales Manager at Siemens Financial Services. The upgraded SieSmart platform enables our vendors to maintain their strong relationships and allow for more streamlined customer communication, right from initial enquiry, through to renewal and upgrade.


We are continuously driving innovation across all of our digital tools and the improvements we have made to SieSmart have been informed by stakeholder and vendor feedback. The latest update allows our valuable vendors to get what they need, whenever they need it.


Five ways SieSmart empowers vendors to serve their customers more efficiently


1.     Secure document management - Create new deals and view deals that are in the pipeline, as well as proposals and contract portfolios through a fully secure platform


2.     Real-time visibility - Access and manage live portfolio information with 24/7 real-time access


3.     Paperless workflow - Draw up paperwork ready for clients to sign instantly via our online E-signature tool


4.     Instant credit decisions - Generate quotes and receive rapid finance decisions in a matter of seconds via the risk calculator functionality


5.     Access anywhere, anytime - Enhanced user experience, with a fully responsive platform available on all devices


Our improved SieSmart Partner Portal is a powerful one-stop-shop, that maximises efficiency and flexibility of online financing, eradicating the need for multiple tools – everything vendors need is in one consolidated, secure, online location. Allowing them to freely and easily manage their financial portfolio at their own convenience.


Combining stellar customer service and communication, with on-the-go credit decisions, SieSmart empowers vendors to adapt to the evolving needs of their customers. Our promise is to ensure that vendors are able to access their financing arrangements anytime and anywhere, through our fully secure platform.


Continuous innovation


We are excited with the continuous evolution of our digital platforms and confident the new and improved SieSmart better meets the needs of our vendors. We are consistently improving business efficiency and lowering our carbon footprint through digitisation.


This digital evolution marks another step forward in our mission for Siemens to be recognised as the leader in digital technologies and innovations in all the areas we serve. Are you ready to join us?


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David Jackson - Sales Manager, Vendor Finance

A financial services expert who has operated as a senior sales and customer experience leader for several years. Focused on developing strategic, long term relationships with our prospects and customers through delivering insightful solutions. A highly engaging and motivated individual with an entrepreneurial spirit who brings energy, fun and positivity to every situation.


Daddy to two young boys, living happily in the Warwickshire countryside!