Supporting healthcare providers in the fight against coronavirus

Penny Pinnock- Public sector & healthcare finance sales manager

Everyone who is keeping the country going at this time is to be applauded, particularly those in the NHS. I suspect that we have all been thinking ‘how can we be useful and contribute to the recovery’ – even if that simply means looking out for our more vulnerable neighbours. Outside of personal efforts, I am therefore pleased to share that we have funded a raft of equipment into the NHS, notably a recent requirement for three CT scanners which will be used to monitor lung condition in victims of the current pandemic, amongst many other positive diagnostic activities.


The mere fact that we have financed all this equipment is boosted by the fact that our digital transformation in recent years has meant that the financing process can now take place digitally and remotely, moving through at a pace that matches clinical need, and not distracting hard-pressed NHS administrators from their core activities. Factors like e-signature to finalise agreements contact-free figure large among these digital capabilities.


There’s also another aspect. When equipment is acquired through finance, there are other needs – notably constructing and preparing the environment in which the equipment sits. That’s why Siemens is now able to offer a range of cash flow management tools so that these implementation costs don’t cause disruption to NHS operating finances. At such pressurised times, it really does hit home how important it is for the NHS to have access to funds that provide this life-saving equipment and the environment it sits within. As we admire and support our amazing NHS, it’s good to feel that we are playing a supportive role in ensuring clinicians and care staff have the technology they need to provide better patient care – and we are proud to say we finance what matters.



Penny Pinnock- Public sector & healthcare finance sales manager

I am an Asset Finance expert for the Healthcare sector and Public sector.  Focused on building relationships and understanding customer requirements to position a solution from Siemens Financial Services to deliver outcomes.


Outside of work, I’m a proud wife and busy mum to two beautiful boys. I enjoys spending time with them and socialising with friends.  Following being catapulted into the future of work and future of school in these unprecedented times due to Covid-19 lockdown, I would love to also hear how you are coping with your recent changes!