Technology resellers prepare for new age of remote working

Jo Harris- Sales director, vendor finance 

As companies across many parts of the world prepare to reopen their doors, devising new post-lockdown business plans will be essential to a successful return to the workplace. Many businesses will notice that the needs of their employees have evolved since the start of the year – and technology resellers will need to adapt their offering to accommodate customer’s new modes of operation.


More and more firms will be looking to provide their staff with the flexibility to work from home, in an office or on the go. Migration to cloud-based platforms is at the heart of flexible working and will be key to meeting post-lockdown expectations. Virtual teams are linked through the Cloud so that on any day of the week they can have authorised access to office services and collaboration tools, whichever business location they choose to operate from. Technology vendors are offering connected workflow tools, virtual reality devices for digitally assisted tasks, and all sorts of other examples of digitalisation for businesses.


Similarly, lockdown may have permanently altered the way we process documents and spelling the end of the handwritten signature. In the new age of hyper hygiene-awareness, customers are less likely to want pen-to-paper signed (and potentially germ-covered!) documents delivered by visitors to their business. Our own statistics show an increase of deals funded without the need for a handwritten signature by 300% since lockdown – so don’t get left behind! Using e-signatures and electronic documentation, businesses can continue signing documents anytime, anywhere – think how this would help improve the overall customer experience and also potentially reduce the time and cost.


More than ever, introducers are finding that offering Smart finance has been key to enabling sales during this challenging period.[1] Right now, customers are looking to introduce digitalisation, yet may want to conserve their capital, protect other credit facilities, pay as they go, budget reliably or upgrade easily when new or more cost-effective technologies appear – all of which can be enabled through integrated finance.


As specialist finance providers, we at Siemens Financial Services understand the importance of implementing new equipment and new technology and can therefore provide customised financing solutions where the financing period is flexed to suit cash flow. We offer a range of flexible solutions; each designed to support sales and enable customers to acquire the best technology solutions for their needs. Continued innovation in automation and online digital tools ensures that high-speed decisions and processes are delivered, so that more deals can be closed, faster and more conveniently.


[1] Siemens Financial Services, ‘The ideal Partner: key qualities from your financing partner that will build your business’, March 2020

Jo Harris- Sales director, vendor finance 

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