Invoice Finance for Manufacturing

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Invoice discounting

Discover how Invoice Finance solutions support the manufacturing industry

The UK manufacturing sector constitutes the second largest market for invoice discounting services, accounting for an estimated 26.1% of industry revenue? This is because the manufacturing industry has distinct cost requirements that can be met using invoice finance. It’s often an ongoing cycle of machinery repair and maintenance costs, and with the usual payroll and premises expenses, business owners often find themselves juggling money just to keep on top of expenses.

What is invoice finance?

Businesses are increasingly exploring alternative finance solutions as traditional lending options remain restricted. Invoice discounting can be an important alternative to traditional credit lines, unlocking up to 90% of the value held in your unpaid sales ledger. Siemens Financial Services works hard to provide tailored solutions to help make your life easier and allow you to focus on running your business.

The Siemens solution to cash flow problems

Cash flow problems caused by waiting for payments to come in could slow down growth for manufacturing companies. At Siemens we work with manufacturers to offer flexible affordable Invoice Finance solutions, helping companies overcome cash flow problems thus enabling them to take their businesses to the next level.


Siemens invoice finance is a cash flow solution that can help businesses unlock the value of unpaid customer invoices, allowing effective management of working capital. Siemens Financial Services has a long and proud history of assisting the growth of manufacturing companies through leveraging innovative financial products. Our Invoice Finance team has a wealth of experience providing bespoke solutions to suit your needs. 

Understanding invoice finance

This infographic video explains how invoice finance can benefit your business and bridge the payment gap between when a supplier needs to be paid and when your customers pay you.  It outlines the benefits of invoice finance and shows how this cash-flow solution gives you the opportunity to grow your business without using precious capital reserves. 

The Digitalization Productivity Bonus: Dairy Products

What value does digitalization offer the dairy industry?  A global qualitative study by Siemens examines the potential value digitalization offers manufacturers and the significant role Industry 4.0 financing plays in helping manufacturers to achieve digital transformation. In this paper, productivty gains from digitalization and automation has been estimated for the Dairy Products Industry in the UK. View our Dairy Products Report Here.

Invoice discounting case studies

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