Invoice Finance for Recruitment

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Invoice discounting

Discover how Invoice Finance is transforming the recruitment industry 

Making payroll can be one of the most significant challenges for recruitment companies. Discover a winning formula that is allowing recruitment businesses to accelerate growth plans with funding solutions such as Invoice Finance. This type of funding is particularly suitable for recruitment consultancies as there is often a significant delay between paying candidates or bills and receiving client payments. Invoice Finance allows recruitment companies to unlock the value of their invoices to release critical cash-flow and focus on expanding their teams and achieving their sales targets.

Invoice discounting

What is invoice finance?

Businesses are increasingly exploring alternative finance solutions as traditional lending options remain restricted. Invoice discounting can be an important alternative to traditional credit lines, unlocking up to 90% of the value held in your unpaid sales ledger. Siemens Financial Services works hard to provide tailored solutions to help make your life easier and allow you to focus on running your business.

The Siemens solution to cash flow problems

Siemens Financial services offering of Invoice Finance with recruitment companies is steadily increasing in this sector. We’ve helped several companies in the UK fill the cash flow gap through flexible finance options!

Find out how we can help you minimise debt and meet your payroll obligations with a smart decision to use Invoice Finance.

Understanding invoice finance

Our mini clip explains how invoice finance can benefit your business and bridge the payment gap between when a supplier needs to be paid and when your customers pay you. 

The Digitalization Productivity Bonus: Dairy Products

What value does digitalization offer the dairy industry?  A global qualitative study by Siemens examines the potential value digitalization offers manufacturers and the significant role Industry 4.0 financing plays in helping manufacturers to achieve digital transformation. In this paper, productivty gains from digitalization and automation has been estimated for the Dairy Products Industry in the UK. View our Dairy Products Report Here.

Invoice discounting case studies

Read about companies who have benefited from invoice discounting from Siemens Financial Services