Rail Systems Upgrades

Rolling Stock Enhancements

Siemens is dedicated to ensuring that our trains remain as attractive as when they first entered service and new technology is making this easier than ever. Upgrading existing trains with additional features not only optimises operational performance, but also means train operators and asset owners can offer passengers a more comfortable and productive journey. Siemens offers a multitude of improvements from energy saving upgrades to enhanced passenger-facing features, all delivered by expert engineers and project managers. 

Passenger comfort

On-board enhancements can significantly improve passengers’ comfort during their journey, enabling them to make the best use of their travel time. These improved features include access to Wi-Fi, at-seat power sockets to charge laptops and devices, more storage for luggage, toilet upgrades and better access for passengers with reduced mobility. Siemens also offers a real-time integrated passenger information system which helps passengers to find vacant seats on the train and to plan their onward journey.

Energy efficiency

Modifications to improve energy efficiency offer both environmental and operational benefits. These include regenerative braking, solar gain film on windows to reduce heat absorption, and interior LED lighting. The Siemens Driver Advisory System (DAS) provides information to train drivers to enable them to operate trains more efficiently and safely.

Operator support

Advanced data analytics transform disparate data sources into easily accessible information through our Railigent platform. This cloud-based system enables operators and asset owners to monitor and manage rolling stock more effectively through real-time status updates.


Clean and modern train interiors are essential to the passenger experience. New seating and tables, toilet upgrades and operator branding provide an “as new” finish to mid-life fleets. Easy-clean and graffiti-resistant materials reduce cleaning time and maintain the fleet’s condition for longer.     

Project management

Our experienced project managers can deliver a range of enhancements as a combined package to ensure the most effective use of modification time. Our specialists work in specially adapted facilities to ensure these complex projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to a high quality.

Engineering design

Our expert engineering design managers are highly experienced in creating customized solutions. From network-integrated solutions such as Automatic Selective Door Operation to simple software upgrades which improve the performance of the units during leaf fall season, there is a huge range of solutions created, supported, and delivered by our engineers.

To learn more about Siemens upgrades, see below a video demonstrating how we have changed the look, feel, and operation of the Class 185 fleet for TransPennine Express.

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