Siemens SURELOCK Point Machine - Safe, Durable and Reliable

Learn more about the efficient and rugged electronic point machine by Siemens. Your trusted partner for digital railway signalling equipment.

Point Machine – Switchguard Siemens Surelock Points Drive System

No matter how digital the railway becomes, there will always be the need to physically switch the direction of the rail. A digital railway can’t exist without point machines. Making sure that turnouts and switch blades are being operated safely and reliably, point machines play an important role in the modern rail industry. With the help of drives and motors they move and interlock rail switches/ points making them essential devices in railway switch and signalling equipment as well as an important safety factor. 

Improve reliability and decrease maintenance time with the Siemens Surelock Point Machine

Together the unique technology of Siemens Surelock points drive system and Linear Back Drive provides greater efficiency, reliability and safety, at lower cost – benefits that can be enjoyed by railways, metros and train operating companies around the world. A reliable switching and interlocking system is an absolute must to ensure that passengers are safely transported to their chosen destination. The railway infrastructure is constantly becoming busier meaning that point machines are expected to operate more regularly. Furthermore, the variations in railway technology, turnouts and points have increased and need to be switched in a secure manner, which is exactly what the non-hydraulic, electro-only Surelock point machine does.
A winning combination

Surelock & Linear Back Drive – a winning combination in the digital rail industry

The standalone Surelock points drive system is suitable for A to C turnouts. For longer D to G turnouts, there’s Siemens Surelock plug-coupled Linear Back Drive. This combines the same fail-safe dual drive and detection, with a unique linear drive that has significant operating advantages. The Surelock system only requires independent adjustment of each back drive. The Linear Back Drive also replaces traditional stretcher bars with a dual drive and provides detection on both rails. With the Linear Back Drive, adjustments to the gauge and drive are carried out using just two spanners within a dust-free enclosure, improving reliability and reducing set up time. All mechanical connections between the Surelock points drive, the Linear Back Drive and the running rail are articulated, to allow for linear rail expansion and horizontal deflection. 

What makes the Surelock Points Drive System different?

The Siemens Surelock point machine has a double drive directly connected to the switch rail, which adds reliability as there is more points of contact with the rail than with any other point machines. Additionally, it eliminates the need of a stretcher bar as the drives move the rail blades.

This unique mechanism secures the blades tight against the running rail. 
The detection rods operate contacts within Surelock providing independent fail-safe physical detection.

Unlike many of the electro-hydraulic systems, the Siemens Surelock machine is operated electrically and there are no hydraulics involved. This will prolong maintenance intervals and save money. 

The Surelock machine has four modules that can be individually removed for repair using one tool. This makes installation a lot quicker, saving time and money. All the modules are plug coupled and can be removed and replaced in under nine minutes and have a 15 minute “meantime to repair”. Combined with a motor that’s maintenance-free within its lifetime, this means the Surelock system provides optimum availability and mechanical operation within signaling at minimum cost. 

The Siemens Surelock is IP67 protected which prevents damages occurring to the point machine in the event of flooding and it can be installed in the 4-foot or 6-foot application. The low-profile casing contains four individually replaceable modules: the motor, drive, control and escapement.

To further improve safety a hand crank is included (built in the rugged case). This is also important for a convenient operation in all situations as well as for maintenance and power or signalling failure conditions.

Setting Points Reliably

Switchguard SURELOCK Point Drive System - Setting Railway Points Reliability


To learn more about the Surelock point machine, its functions as well as mechanical, electronic and operating details, feel free to check out the PDF.

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