Case Study

Developing the 'Right Time' App Proof of Concept 

To showcase the potential benefits that our digital services solutions can deliver, we developed a proof of concept to address the problem of arrival, departure and dwell time delays on a particular route.

The team developed a proof of concept for a 'Right Time' app, a simple digital solution to enable operators to investigate performance with a broad range of parameters, reporting on individual station, station to station journey [performance (individual or aggregated), over user-defined date ranges.

For example, this quick and simple query shows that between 12/07/2019 and 11/08/2019, 93.61% of trains on the selected route arrived at their destination within 5 minutes of their scheduled arrival time:

Station to station delays

Looking deeper, the app enables operators to review individual station performance, which in this report shows that 12% of trains stopping at Station F introduced a new delay at the platform due to dwell time.

Average station to station delays

Switching to station to station performance, this report shows that 26% of all trains between Stations G and H suffered a new delay through that section.  This could be an area of the network that requires further investigation.


The app could also automatically flag potential issues to the operator to prompt further investigation, for example, if a new delay is identified which is causing issues for trains between certain stations.  Of if there is a delay to a specific journey, the tool could break down the reason.