Getting things moving means trying a different track – Velaro Novo.

#seeitnovo - It’s time to rethink velocity and shape the future of mobility with a new mindset.
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Velaro Novo

Seize opportunities, drive the future – with a train concept that opens up a new way of seeing things

Discover high-speed transport all over again. With the Velaro Novo, a train that not only creates new perspectives but is the result of a new kind of thinking: questioning established routines and fixed thinking patterns. What if we draw from what we know and apply it to something new? If we change our perspective, and discover new possibilities? This is the idea that drove us to develop a train that sets new standards in rail transport. A train that encourages rethinking: the Velaro Novo.   Expertise as the basis for a successful concept: interviews with the Velaro Novo experts The experts behind our Velaro Novo tell you what it means to rethink something that already exists. In exclusive interviews, they talk about what inspired them to look at their field from a whole new perspective – and thus make the Velaro Novo unique.

Good news for operators

Spotlight on costs: It’s not just low acquisition costs and pioneering innovations but also its uniquely economical operation that make the Velaro Novo so special. All in all, it was possible to reduce maintenance costs by a total of 30 percent. To achieve this, cost efficiency was an important criterion right from the start during development of the new high-speed train. Tom Kutscher, head of sales for high-speed and intercity trains at Siemens Mobility, played a key role in turning the Velaro Novo into an economically attractive complete package. To ensure that the Velaro Novo remains profitable for operators over the whole lifetime, it was necessary to rethink the train’s economic efficiency and put different key performance indicators to the test. “Not only did we rethink the vehicle concept but we also took a close look at e.g. the maintenance intervals,” Kutscher says.

Operators can react flexibly to requirements while also keeping costs low.
Tom Kutscher
With the Velaro Novo, we offer our customers tangible and measurable benefits.
Tom Kutscher

One special new development in the vehicle concept is the Velaro Novo’s scalable traction. This innovation also closes a gap in Siemens’ portfolio. “We have the ability to also offer the Velaro Novo at competitive prices at a speed of 250 km/h. This is an enormous advantage,” Kutscher explains. Five years after the project was launched, he’s achieved his goal to make the Velaro Novo more economically attractive. “The Velaro Novo is part of the Velaro evolution and yet also an entirely new product because we took a completely different approach – one that is very closely aligned with our customers’ economic needs.”

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Keeping the good stuff, trying the new – with a train concept derived from a different way of thinking

Rethinking also means thinking about the bigger picture. The Velaro Novo is not just the result of making adjustments to individual details, but has been strictly developed to meet present and future mobility needs: to achieve the best possible result in every regard for both operators and passengers.

Discover a new way of looking at things

Key qualities

Setting standards, putting great things in motion – with innovations that look at the entire system

What makes the Velaro Novo so special? A lot of technical developments that work together uniquely to add more and lasting value throughout the entire lifecycle. Best performance values for energy consumption and maintenance costs in combination with maximized availability let operators shape the rail transport of the future, to make it both cost-efficient and passenger-friendly. Find out for yourself.
Proven technology

Proven innovations and many years of experience

Innovative technology that has been proven in real tests using the #seeitnovo test car and has been tested for reliability – that’s proven technology. The Velaro Novo is also backed by the combined experience of three Velaro generations. Watch our video and see for yourself.


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