Sapphire JTM

The Sapphire JTM detector utilises Bluetooth® technology to provide real-time journey information, an essential element of any traffic management system and invaluable to the operator in a traffic control centre to ensure optimal network operation.

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This type of technology is commonly found in mobile phones, aftermarket accessories, in-car communication and audio systems.

The detectors are simple to install and compact, minimising street clutter.  Once installed, the equipment sensitivity is tested and adjusted using a laptop.


Real-time journey time monitoring is an essential element of any traffic management system and an invaluable tool for Traffic Managers to ensure optimal network operation. The Bluetooth detectors are integrated to the Stratos Journey Time Monitoring module, with links to ANPR cameras and third-party systems.  All inputs contribute to a rich source of information for analysis and monitoring of traffic. 


With user-friendly overview dashboards and maps, Stratos shows current journey times and highlights routes that are operating outside their norms using input data from various sources, including the Bluetooth JTMS detectors.


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