Selective Vehicle Detection

The Siemens Selective Vehicle Detection solution is an unobtrusive above ground detection system offering both high quality, coupled with exceptional detection rates.  It is ideal for access control applications as well as local bus and emergency vehicle priority.

The system uses automatic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to selectively detect suitably tagged vehicles. The reader is able to detect passing tags up to 14 metres away at speeds of up to 350kph. Unlike many other system the Tag reader is located above ground so that minimal street works are necessary and the reader is designed to be mounted on a wide range of existing poles or lamp columns, eliminating the need to provide specific mounting poles in many cases.

The tag is easily and simply mounted in the windscreen of the vehicle. Each tag has a unique ID that is associated with the equipped vehicle. Lists of tag IDs can be kept in the reader creating black lists and white lists, allowing the reader to decide whether the vehicle passing is allowed access or should be granted priority over other traffic. Once a tag has been detected, and the vehicle has been confirmed on the white list, the reader outputs a signal to the traffic controller for traffic priority or to the barrier / bollard for access control.