WiMag Wireless Traffic Detection

Complementing the company’s proven loop and radar detection solutions, WiMag provides vehicle and bicycle detection systems using low power wireless technology to transmit data to host controllers. The WiMag detectors use battery-powered wireless sensors that lie beneath the surface of the road, sending information to the traffic controller without the need for expensive cabling or duct works. 

WiMag Vehicle Detection

With an inbuilt low-power wireless transmitter/receiver and a dedicated battery, each sensor can detect and transmit data to an associated Access Point or battery-powered repeater unit.

The installation of the detectors is simple, by ‘coring’ the appropriate diameter hole in the carriageway and fixing the detector in place with a dedicated epoxy resin. The in-road sensors are typically located up to 300m from the host controller, using repeater units to extend this range where necessary.

The WiMag Vehicle Detection offers a cost effective system for Stop Line, Vehicle Actuation (VA), SCOOT and MOVA applications. Using a wireless magnetometer sensor which lies beneath the surface of the road, the WiMag system utilises disturbances in the earth’s magnetic field to detect passing and stationary vehicles.

For new sites in particular, the WiMag system can offer a more cost effective and flexible solution than installing traditional loop detectors, particularly where detection is required at significant distances from the traffic controller. Being battery-powered, wirelessly linked and smaller in size than traditional loop detectors, WiMag also lends itself for installation at remote locations as well as being less prone to damage by street works.

With two options available, subject to the size of the installation, integration with Siemens’ range of traffic controllers is seamless. Firstly, a dedicated equipment rack neatly accommodates all controller mounted parts of the system and provides support for up to 60 sensors via a dedicated Siemens card and is closely integrated to the ST9XX family of controllers. Secondly, a 4-channel interface card which replicates a stand-alone loop detector card provides support for 4 magnetometers. This solution is ideal for a small installation or where the WiMag system is retrofitted to an existing site which already uses loop detectors. The loop detector replacement card can also be used in non-Siemens controllers.

WiMag Cycle detection

The WiMag Cycle Detection utilises wireless microwave radar sensors to identify and count bicycles of all types, including those constructed from carbon fibre. The detectors differentiate between cycles and motorised vehicles and can distinguish objects based on their speed (stationary or in motion).

Suitable for Stop Line, VA and SCOOT applications, the detectors have a configurable range of up to 90 degrees and 3 metres in width, providing accurate cycle detection with bicycles not needing to pass directly over the detector in order to be identified.