Smart Charging

In a world with limited power, we need to find a way to maximise the capacity and efficiency of our energy networks. Siemens’ solutions will do just that.

Make the most of your power assets with Siemens technology

Using hydrogen fuel cells and large-scale battery storage, we can provide Electric Vehicle Charging systems with peak power outputs far in excess of the supply capacity. And with Smart charging, dynamic load balancing across a population of chargers can intelligently share power so that the connected EVs with the lowest charge state get preferential charging.                                                                                                                     

For workplace charging, we can even use a connection into the building management system to ramp the EV chargers down when the building demands more power (for example, running a lift).

Ultra Rapid Range - 20 minute charging time

Siemens Mobility Limited is focussed on providing innovative solutions to the EV charging market and supporting the growing trend for Ultra-Fast and High-Powered chargers; our aim is to provide high-quality equipment compatible with current and continuously evolving battery technology.

Siemens Mobility Ultra Rapid chargers can deliver power up to three times faster then their Rapid counterparts.  Time constraints influenced by today's increasingly busy lifestyles makes ultra rapid charging an especially popular and attractive solution.


Ultra Rapid Brochure download

Multi-standard Rapid Charging

The multi-standard QC20 and QC45 Rapid Chargers can be supplied with a single CCS or dual DC outlet (CCS and CHAdeMO) extending to a triple outlet if required when providing a 22kW or 43kW AC socket.

The Siemens Mobility Rapid charger range is capable of charging vehicles from empty to 80% in less than 30 minutes and is designed to reflect the core product values of simplicity, durability and safety.


QC20 Brochure download

QC45 Brochure download

AC Dual Outlet Chargers

The Siemens Dual Outlet AC public charger can be ground or wall-mounted and has been designed and developed for deployment at workplaces and public charging locations such as car parks and supermarkets.

  • Similtaneous charging of two vehicles
  • Full choice of charging outputs from 3.7kVA to 22kVA
  • RFID user authentication
  • Fully compatible with OCPP back-offices
  • In-built communications (3G; LAN;WiFi)
  • Low-cost installation