The future of traffic management.  

Stratos Hosted Traffic Management provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing your traffic network. Helping you to keep traffic flowing efficiently, minimising congestion, pollution and helping to keep your streets healthy. Wouldn't it be great if you had someone to help make decisions on your behalf? Stratos Strategy Manager does just that, continually evaluating available data sources and making decisions just as if you were making them yourself, but at any time of day or night.

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Spend less time looking for a Parking Space

Did you know that according to the British Parking Association on average we spend nearly 6 minutes looking for a parking space?

Stratos integrates seamlessly to multiple car park equipment manufacturers at both systems and individual equipment level to provide a city-wide view of parking availability.  Stratos enables you to publish the availability in an area or specific location on physical signs and provide the data to third party app providers using modern web-based interfaces. Helping to reduce circulating traffic and keep your city moving.

Are we there yet?

Understanding how long it’s going to take to get from A to B is key for not only motorist but also for the Traffic Manager to understand when something isn’t quite right.

Stratos can evaluate Journey Time data from multiple sources including ANPR, Bluetooth, Wifi, FCD and SCOOT to give a holistic view of network performance. 

Don't Drink & Drive

From public information campaigns to real time traffic incident alerts.

With connections to Variable Message Signs, the latest in-vehicle messaging technologies (V2X), web and social media feeds Stratos gets your message out to the public quickly and efficiently.


Helping to keep traffic flowing smoothly through your town or city.

Keeping system evolution simple

As technologies evolve systems tend to diverge which makes it increasingly difficult to manage a diverse asset base.

Stratos Traffic Signals module solves that problem by bringing together the main monitoring parameters from different systems enabling you to understand the status of all your junctions in just one view. Critical controls are just a click away and where necessary quick links to the underlying systems are provided.

Plan Ahead

Not everything is as joined up as we might like.

With Stratos you can bring together Roadwork information from your local Street Works register, Highways England strategic network and then simply add your local disruptions data for Accidents, Incidents and Events. To give a simple clear overview of what’s happening on your network.

Plan and keep track of mitigation actions taken and ensure key stakeholders are kept informed by email or sms and publish tailored information to the public. 

Should I really close that bridge?

Knowing there is a weather warning published by the met office is one thing, but having accurate data at your finger tips is quite another.

Let Stratos make decisions for you any time of the day based on real time metrological data from your local sensor network. Close a bridge to high sided vehicles when the wind is from a certain direction and above a certain speed, or issue an ice alert as the temperature drops.

Cloud Based Benefits

Stratos is cloud hosted using Amazon Web Services. The application itself is managed directly by Siemens. Siemens takes care of application security ensuring the underlying services are always up to date, with regular backups, security updates, always on virus and intrusion protection. Just one thing less for you and your IT departments to worry about.