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Service is more than you think!

Use the digital transformation to increase your flexibility and productivity and master today's challenges: faster time to market, increased product quality and more efficient, sustainable production. Our service experts accompany and support you along the entire digitalization process. Depending on your individual needs, we use our innovative range of Digital Enterprise Services solutions throughout the entire life cycle. Benefit from our extensive knowledge in digitalization and automation. Service is more than you think!

Digitalization is changing industry

Siemens’ entire Digital Enterprise portfolio enables industrial companies of all sizes to integrate available and emerging automation and digitalization technologies to exploit the full potential of Industrie 4.0. Take advantage of the convergence of the real and digital worlds and all the rest of the opportunities inherent in digitalization. Benefit from the merging of the real with the digital world and implement the digital transformation with our service experts. Master with us your current challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Take advantage of our digitalization expertise.

Master your challenges with the integration of digitalization solutions.

Every company is unique, whether in terms of its degree of digitalization, industrial needs, or specific options. Our holistic approach in three steps – consulting, implementation, and optimization – ensures that the digital transformation of your company proceeds as you prefer: at your own pace and according to your individual expectations.

Comprehensive digitalization approach

Our service experts support you entire the lifecycle and work with you to map out your company’s digital transformation in a series of three steps. Our procedure at a glance:

  • Step 1: Consulting
    Comprehensive consulting services and the collaborative development of a digitalization strategy, based on our specialized knowledge of your industrial environment.
  • Step 2: Implementation
    Installation of the necessary hardware and software. Creation of digital twins.
  • Step 3: Optimization
    Application of innovative technologies, like artificial intelligence to predictively plan events.

The foundation for your digital transformation

Consulting is based on a thorough assessment of a company’s digital maturity. You know your enterprise best in terms of your expectations, existing bottlenecks, or your digital requirements.


Together with you, our service experts assess these challenges and determine the degree of digitalization of your company. This is the foundation for a detailed digitalization road map tailored to your enterprise – and the next steps of implementation and optimization.

We take care of installing hardware and software

The second step of implementation brings your digital transformation within reach. The installation of the necessary software and hardware, as well as the creation of digital twins of your machines, systems, products, and production lines form the basis for continuous data analysis.


The digital twin is the precise virtual model of a product or a production plant. It displays their development throughout the entire life cycle and allows operators to predict behavior, optimize performance, and implement insights from previous design and production experiences.

Ongoing optimization with innovative technologies are the key to success

Collecting required data and using it to optimize your plant are the focus of our third step.

Innovative algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) analyze the collected data and transform it into valuable results: the key to improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

News and highlights

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Services for every need

Comprehensive services throughout the entire life cycle

From the digital transformation to a reliable supply of spare parts, and fast assistance when an outage happens – with our services you can be sure of the best possible operation for your plant.

Our services in practice

Digital Enterprise Services boost the productivity, efficiency, and future-readiness of machines in plants worldwide and in all sectors.

Digital Enterprise Services

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