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Do you use Wireless LAN in your warehouse, logistics, factory, process or production environment? Ever wondered how secure these Wireless networks are? Our Wireless Security Assessment will assist you with these things and put you in control of your wireless networks. We take a holistic approach to security, considering Physical Security, Network Security and System Integrity. All relating to your Wireless networks. Confirm how your Wireless Access Points are connected to your site LAN and know if the Access Points and/or WLAN Controller have been configured securely. Get in touch for advice on how to improve security of your wireless networks. 

Zone Map

We produce this to clearly show the points where a spectrum analysis recording was made. This allows for accurate analysis of
the discovered wireless networks at different locations within the area of your site assessed.

Severity Table

This provides you with our opinion of how severe the particular security issue is, taking into account compensating measures we may have witnessed during the site visit and discussions.
Giving you a qualitative risk score helping prioritise remediation.

Wireless Spectrum

This gives a graphical representation of all RF (Radio Frequency) activity in the area we performed recording in. The software highlights WLAN type RF and overlays indications of in-use channels.
Of more interest to us are the security details of each WLAN we find so we can highlight wireless networks using weaker (sub-standard) security.

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