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MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens that connects your products, plants, systems, and machines, enabling you to harness the wealth of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) with advanced analytics. Check out - the online hub for developers and users. Explore your way to digitalization in the world of IoT. 

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MindSphere - The Internet of Things (IoT) Solution

Open IoT operating system

As an industrial decision maker, whether if you’re working in a small or a big company, you have to face several challenges: Increasing competition, more individual customer demands, ever shorter development times and fast changing new technologies. To overcome these challenges, you need a trusted partner and expert with a broad domain knowledge, who provides you with the required transparency and data-driven insights needed to make the right decisions.

Siemens MindSphere with its global partners and flexible and scalable solutions is the trusted partner for the industrial world. MindSphere enables you to drive your business success by understanding the things that matter. When you connect all of your machines and aggregate the relevant data into one data lake, you can perform concise and powerful analysis to optimize your processes.

Reduce costs, accelerate your time to market and benefit from vertical specific end-to-end solutions (SAAS) with reconfigured APIs, services and out of the box applications and solutions. Make reasoned decisions with the help of a strong and secure platform (PAAS) that offers you scalability, global IoT connectivity and an easy application deployment process. It even enables you to develop low coded applications through Mendix.

What’s more: The open platform design of MindSphere leads to the fact that an ecosystem is occurring around MindSphere. Strong, well-known partners from consulting, system integration and app development offer you the choice of numerous applications and services.

Start connecting your assets to harness the wealth of your data and benefit from a diverse ecosystem with numerous applications, services and the closed loop digital twin in order to reduce costs and accelerate your time to market. Stay competitive - with MindSphere the cloud based open IoT Operating System from Siemens.



  • MindSphere allows business to focus on their core competencies leaving the difficulties and challenges of creating, substantiating, operating and maintaining infrastructure and required  application development to MindSphere and its ecosystem resulting in faster realization of business objectives
  • MindSphere accelerates the digital transformation journey by providing ready-to-use platform services for faster solutioning that deliver measurable outcomes and enables new sources of revenue through XaaS as well as improves operating margins e.g. OEE
  • MindSphere reduces the complexity of solution realization and continuous operation support by providing an optimized platform of rich aggregated services
  • MindSphere provides ready-to-use industry-aware platform services and applications including secure data ingestion, storage and modeling, advanced analytics systems, and industry intelligent visualization
  • MindSphere provides a comprehensive set of services and enablement tools to develop & deliver end-to-end solutions realizes an ever-growing application and service ecosystem
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MindSphere lets you unleash the full potential of your data to gain business insights and a competitive edge.
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Start small, scale quickly

MindSphere offers you different pre-defined packages.


Every package comes with a dedicated set of capabilities and services.


Each aims at targeted outcomes and addresses a different stage in the maturity path towards digitalization.

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Connectivity solutions, intuitive and flexible user support, tools for developers, applications with data analytics and services are the main components of MindSphere.
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Partner with MindSphere to help your customers transform their digital enterprise to increase productivity and efficiency across their business. Develop powerful applications on the secure, open, cloud-based IoT Operating System with an open API and scalable development environment. Drive new revenue streams from applications and professional services across industry verticals.


Discover the MindSphere Partner Program

Siemens offers an attractive partner program for MindSphere partners of all types and sizes. The MindSphere Partner Program provides a comprehensive set of technical, marketing and financial benefits to help partners accelerate their applications and services running on MindSphere. As a result, partners can help their customers realize the potential of IoT technologies to address real business problems and opportunities.

MindSphere Rocket Club

Boosting innovation power

Startups play a key role in the MindSphere ecosystem as they drive innovation power and value creation.
The Rocket Club creates a win-win situation for startups and our customers and partners.

MindSphere Application Center

MindSphere Application Center

MindSphere Application Centers are designed to develop business models, applications and digital use cases using MindSphere.

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