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Here you'll find a selection of mobile apps for your tablet or smartphone.

With the Industry Online Support App you have access to more than 300,000 documents about all the Siemens Industry products - any time and anywhere, whether you have problems during the implementation of a project, need help for troubleshooting, want to expand your system or plan a new plant.



Designed for: iPhone, iPad, Android


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With the SIMOTICS Digital Data App - no matter where you are - you always have access to technical data, spare parts and the operating instructions for your SIMOTICS GP/SD motors. This means that we can provide you with an important part of the Digital Twin, allowing you to simplify and optimize your processes. You can obtain the electrical and mechanical data by simply scanning the data matrix code on the motor.


Designed for: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone


See more details about the SIMOTICS Digital Data App.

Siemens has developed the SINAMICS SELECTOR App as a practical tool for finding article numbers for your SINAMICS inverters in the output range from 0.12 kW to 560 kW (0.16 hp up to 700hp) quickly and easily. Whether for SINAMICS V20, SINAMICS G120C, SINAMICS G120P or SINAMICS G120: the app will provide you with the correct article numbers conveniently.


Designed for: iPhone, iPad, Android                                                                                                                                                                              

See more details about the SINAMICS SELECTOR App.

Valve and actuator selection and sizing

Using the Combi Valve Sizer app from Siemens, it is very easy to select the right Acvatix combi valve and matching actuator. This way, the design of energy-efficient HVAC plants becomes very straightforward: Enter or get calculated the required maximum volumetric flow, select other features such as type of threaded connection, PN class or DN size – and the ideal type of combi valve will be displayed. The matching type of actuator is just as easy to find. Also, all data sheets are provided.


Now, the right motorized valve is at your disposal, but you would like to know the presetting you need to ensure the required volumetric flow. The Combi Valve Sizer does this job for you as well. This also works in the reverse sense, if you would like to find the maximum volumetric flow resulting from a certain presetting.


The latest app version is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. The portfolio was updated with flanged combi valves and the suitable actuators. Furthermore two new functions were implemented:

  • You can obtain the presetting of the selected valve directly by tipping on the graphic chart of the volumetric flow and
  • you can enlarge the product pictures with a single tip on the picture.

Simple control of HVAC, light, shading

With the HomeControl app from Siemens, you have an intuitive and simple control for your heating, air conditioning and ventilation system, as well as light and shading control. The recent version contains a new and mobile operating philosophy available in five languages:

  • German

  • English

  • French

  • Italian

  • Spanish

Whether at home or on the go, the new Siemens HomeControl app provides you with constant access to the HVAC regulator product lines Synco™ living, Synco™ 700, Sigmagyr® und Albatros™. At a glance, you can see whether the system at home or your vacation home is working without interruption. If adjustments are required, the user friendly navigation enables access to the most important information and settings. Additional to your existing hardware you need only a Web server OZW to connect your app to your home automation.


No tool is necessary for configuration. The device contains device-specific preference pages that can be adjusted at any time as needed.

Get product information via QR

Thanks to the Scan to HIT app you have the opportunity through a simple scan of the 2D code, which can be found on the product, to get information such as product or technical specifications. Furthermore you can download documentation as data sheets or installation instructions of the product. After a successful scan you will be redirected to HIT. HIT offers the following benefits:

  • Access to more than hundred products

  • Access to all documents of  the product

  • You can save the product to your favorites

  • and much more

Remote access to building automation and alarm management

Desigo CC, the integrated building management platform of Siemens, offers mobile remote access to building automation and alarm management via a native mobile app. The Desigo CC app gives building managers complete mobility. Operators or buildings managers can access buildings equipment, optimize settings and monitor performance quickly and easily – anytime and anywhere. In addition, alarms are delivered to the users, allowing managers to take action right away and ensuring uninterrupted availability of all building systems. Optimized for small, handheld touchscreens, the app has an intuitive user interface and runs on any Android- or iOS-based smartphone or tablet.


The Desigo CC app lets an operator view and handle the alarms and objects of the integrated building management platform Desigo CC from Siemens. The available features are:

  • Access to Desigo CC alarms based on security privileges
  • Filtering of the alarms based on category, discipline, status and time criteria
  • Commanding of alarms (acknowledge, reset, silence, un-silence) 
  • Alarms notifications with filters against category
  • PIN code configuration to increase protection
  • Support of HTTPS connection
  • Sharing of alarm information via SMS and e-mails
  • Access to views to see current status of configured objects with possibility of commanding them based on security privileges

Mobile commissioning and maintenance for building automation and control systems

ABT Go is the mobile tool for commissioning and maintenance tasks of Siemens devices used in building automation and control systems. Available features are:

  • Access to Siemens devices for commissioning and maintenance tasks based on security authentication
  • Support of Siemens devices (DXR2.E.. or PXC3.E..) with Ethernet (BACnet/IP) communication
  • Fast overview of all devices in the network (name, type, IP address, location, equipment ID)
  • Easy and intuitive diagnostics in one list for all devices or via graphic for one device
  • Dashboard for a fast overview of the device commissioning status
  • View, manage and report commissioning status of each data point (not checked, failed, passed)
  • Add/change the assignment of KNX PL-Link devices
  • Indication of manually overridden data points and data points in alarm
  • Commanding of data points (manual operation) and alarms (acknowledge)
  • Check and change data point parameters and properties (I/O, buses)
  • Replaces local user interface for commissioning

Intelligent apps for operator control, monitoring and maintenance

From the monitoring of distributed, mobile or expansive plants, all the way to digital maintenance tools for machines – the SIMATIC Mobile Apps can assist the user with a wide range of tasks in numerous industrial sectors. As well as providing secure access to the plant visualization, they also facilitate commissioning and maintenance tasks on site.


Our SIMATIC Mobile Apps are an ideal supplement to SIMATIC automation products. The mobile apps bundle the requisite functions and information and, conforming to the respective application, make them available to the user in an intuitive, efficient and secure manner. Thus we provide you with systematic support for your commissioning, operation and service assignments.


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