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About Siemens Capital:

Who we are and what we do:

Siemens Capital Company LLC (SCC) provides a wide range of financial products and services to all entities of the Siemens Group in the Americas. Functionally, SCC is part of the Siemens Corporate Finance Organization. Within Siemens’ global Finance organization, SCC is the Regional Finance Center (RFC) responsible for the Americas region, providing financing, in-house banking and payments, financial risk management, inter-company accounting, as well as Insurance and Trade Finance Advisory services to affiliated companies of Siemens. Furthermore, SCC provides investment management services for the retirement plans of the Siemens AG North American affiliates.

At SCC it is our mission to

· Provide world class treasury, risk, cash, pension, insurance and trade finance advisory management services and solutions

· Support and implement the programs and strategies of Siemens Corporate Finance, and

· Be a leader in innovation, process management and service quality within Siemens.

Our value proposition:

SCC adds value to Siemens as a whole through its centralized processes and finance systems, its specialized knowledge and competencies, and its operational efficiencies and economies of scale in financial risk, cash, insurance, trade finance and pension fund management. Our employees have extensive knowledge in corporate finance and a deep understanding in the operations and needs of the Siemens affiliated companies.

At SCC our primary mandates are to:

· Manage liquidity and ensure that Siemens entities in the Americas meet their payment and debt obligations in a timely manner 

· Arrange and/or provide short- and long-term financing for Siemens entities in the Americas

· Manage interest rate and foreign exchange rate risks for Siemens entities in the Americas

· Support Siemens’ global financing goals and activities, and minimize funding cost

· Manage bank and surety relationships, mitigate costs and lessen risk for Siemens in the Americas in the context of commercial considerations

· Provide insurance risk management services with the goal of minimizing Siemens insurance costs and liabilities for Siemens in the Americas


Office Address:

Siemens Capital Company LLC
170 Wood Ave. South 
Iselin, NJ, 08830 - USA
Phone.: +1-732-590-2500
Fax: +1-732-590-2501

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