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Sustainable Infrastructure from Siemens

The Imperative

Never have people wanted to do so much to better our environment, pushing sustainability beyond a moral imperative to a way of doing business. Companies and institutions are realizing the monumental challenges of addressing climate change, and are demanding solutions that transcend the limitations of existing infrastructure and financial constraints. At Siemens, we are passionate, committed, and ready to help our customers ensure sustainability….for the environment, and for their future.

Do more to reduce environmental impact

Go further than energy efficiency to achieve full-fledged sustainability. Incorporate renewables into the energy mix and shift to electrification of carbon-intense systems.


Improve competitiveness

Act beyond the moral imperative to improve your competitiveness. Long-term business sustainability is increasingly dependent on the ability to contribute to environmental sustainability. Consumers, investors, and employees are driving businesses and governments to act… and are holding them accountable to their commitments.

Sustainability targets and actions are needed to:


Attract and secure the right investors

The investment community is moving away from industries with high carbon output and companies without sustainability goals.


Improve Employee recruitment/retention

New generations of potential employees want to work with purpose


Meet buyer preferences

Consumer and buyer demand for sustainable products and services has never been higher


Redefine finance metrics

Thinking bigger and more broadly than investing for a standard payback period

Siemens can help you navigate the journey to sustainable infrastructure

We can provide you with comprehensive support and solutions—and meet our customers at their individual place with expertise, planning, and financing.


Step 1: Compliance to Commitment

a)      Strategy and planning

b)      Information on regulatory changes and legislative support


Step 2: Commitment to Action

a)      Strategy and planning

b)      Solutions

c)      Financing


Step 3: Action to Expansion

a)      Solutions to expand scope/footprint

b)      Supply chain decarbonization

c)      Moving away from offsets


At Siemens, we have already cut our own carbon footprint in half in the last five years and will make all our operations carbon neutral by 2030.

CO2 reduction

Siemens Decarbonization Services: Advancing to Zero-carbon

Create an actionable carbon-reduction glidepath aligned with organizational goals and stakeholder expectations. Siemens Decarbonization Services experts can help you determine the best actions to implement.

We provide end-to-end, comprehensive expertise, solutions, services and product for your decarbonization journey. At Siemens, we already cut our carbon footprint in half in the last five years and will make all our own operations carbon neutral by 2030.

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