Siemens USA’s Fight Against COVID-19: Support for Customers, Healthcare, and Government Response

“We remain committed to supporting the essential services and critical infrastructure—from healthcare to manufacturing, power and transportation—helping America combat the pandemic and safely reopen.”                                                                                                               — Barbara Humpton, CEO of Siemens USA

Siemens Foundation provides $1.5M across 12 community health centers to support COVID-19 response efforts

Community health centers are the nation’s largest primary care provider for the medically underserved and uninsured, reaching 29 million of those most in need. Aligning with its dedication to social equity, Siemens Foundation is committed to supporting these critical healthcare providers so they can continue serving their communities when they are needed most.

Fighting COVID-19 at the community level.

Facing the pandemic

A Statement to Our Customers

Each Siemens business in the U.S. has taken actions to ensure continuity of support for you, our customers, and partners, who provide critical healthcare, energy, infrastructure, transportation, manufacturing, and emergency-response systems.  Many of our employees have been deemed “essential” according to state and local directives and are on the front lines of this crisis with you.

These employees perform necessary tasks, such as inspecting and repairing trains; maintaining power and water systems; making and distributing products for critical power applications; and servicing safety, security, detection, and prevention systems.  They do so in critical-infrastructure environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, data centers, and manufacturing plants, where you, our customers, are producing pharmaceuticals and other equipment critical to the care of our fellow Americans.


We provide our employees who are performing these critical duties with the knowledge, tools, and equipment necessary to maintain their personal health and safety.  Every employee is empowered to evaluate their work environment for hazards and is authorized to stop work if they encounter any situation that puts them in danger.


On a daily basis, we are evaluating and adjusting the prevention measures necessary for the benefit of the health of our employees and the communities we serve.  We appreciate all that you are doing during this crisis and are proud to be your partner in these efforts.

Ensuring business continuity

Maintaining Our Commitment

As your trusted partner, we assure you of our commitment to maintaining the continuity of the products and services that you need from us so we can continue to support critical operations and infrastructure in the U.S.  We would like to do whatever we can to support you (please see below for business-specific contact information).


Siemens has a global and U.S.-specific task force to continuously monitor the impact of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).  We are evaluating all new developments and determining measures to protect the health of our employees and customers and communities in accordance with the guidance of international and national authorities.


We are placing an increased focus on proactive supply chain management, including manufacturing, inventory, distribution, and service provision.  Your authorized Siemens distributor, your Siemens sales team, and your Siemens customer-service team are ready to work with you to meet your critical needs or to answer your questions.


Visiting our locations

In cases where we have been required to restrict access to any of our locations, local face-to-face meetings and customer visits to these offices and facilities will be converted to virtual meetings or postponed until the government-imposed restrictions and requirements of social distancing are lifted.

Siemens is asking any visitors to any Siemens location for any purpose to please confirm that they have not traveled to or are not traveling from affected countries, that they have not been confirmed with the virus nor have they had close contact with someone traveling from those countries or with someone who was confirmed with the virus prior to coming to the Siemens location.  We are also asking any visitors to confirm their compliance with applicable state and local quarantine requirements.

We have put in place additional procedures for employees, contractors, visitors and suppliers to ensure compliance with new regulatory requirements surrounding COVID-19.  These relate to their travel to/from places deemed as hot spots for the COVID-19 virus, their own symptoms as well as their possible exposure to others who have traveled to those areas or may be exhibiting symptoms (or have tested positive).  In addition, we have encouraged all employees who can work from home to do so until further notice, with their managers’ approval.


Visiting your locations

For those customers and partners requiring on-site support by our service and field technicians, we have developed specific protocols to enable informed decision-making and to ensure the health and safety of our employees while they are supporting you.


The company has completely restricted international travel and domestic travel is limited to business-critical only.  Employees who have traveled to affected countries, had close contact with others who have traveled to affected countries, had close contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases, or who has been confirmed positive with COVID-19 are required to self-isolate and work from home for 14 days following return from travel or exposure.


All employees are encouraged to continue to practice good hygiene including frequent hand washing, covering mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing, and utilizing necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Siemens will continue to monitor the situation daily and will issue revised protocols and coordinate with public health authorities and local government as needed.


Thank you for your trust in us

At Siemens we are committed to keeping you safe, up-and-running, and well-informed.  We are hard at work on technologies that enable social distancing and contact tracing for industry facilities.  If you have further questions or require additional information, please reach out to your authorized Siemens distributor, your Siemens sales team, your Siemens project manager, or customer-service team.

Enabling the medical response

Siemens USA Takes Action to Support Healthcare Care Needs and Create Safe Indoor Spaces

During this critical time for swift and coordinated response efforts, Siemens is committed to supporting states and communities in fighting the spread of COVID-19 and its devasting impacts.


As the need for testing, patient care and space expands, we’re harnessing our capabilities, expertise, and global network of partners to transform existing healthcare environments and to outfit and supply hospitals, field hospitals, and repurposed facilities in the following ways:

  • Supporting the rapid design and development of healthcare infrastructure:  Our building and energy technologies are ensuring these spaces have reliable power, fire, and life-safety systems.  In addition, our cloud-based platforms for remote monitoring and climate control are helping facilities meet the air-pressurization requirements necessary to prevent further transmission of COVID-19.  We’re also working with partners’ technologies to disinfect these spaces and kill the virus.
  • Providing medical equipment for patient testing and care:  That includes our technology for blood-gas monitoring for patients on ventilator support, portable X-ray systems for triage areas, ultrasound systems for bedside assessment, and CT systems for acute cases.  We’re also ramping up our deployment of virtual training and have remotely managed imaging systems to assist clinicians.
  • Exploring ways to enable manufacturers to address supply chain shortages:  From digital twins to automation hardware and software, our tools can accelerate efforts by manufacturers switching production lines to pharma or medical devices and expedite the production of personal protective equipment such as masks.  We’ve also made our Additive Manufacturing Network available at no cost to designers and suppliers providing critical medical supplies.  We have experts ready to assist manufacturers, crisis-response teams, and suppliers as they adapt their operations.

Siemens is also harnessing the technologies and expertise in our Digital Industries portfolio to help various organizations create safe indoors spaces while maintaining operational efficiency and reliability. Using our digital tools, we can help create:

  • Continuous measurements of workforce spacing and real-time visual feedback to employees to ensure physical distancing is safely implemented;
  • Models and simulations of work environments to validate safety, productivity, and the effectiveness of operational redesigns before costly investments; and
  • Transponders to identify on-site areas of increased risk and facilitate rapid contact tracing and corrective measures in the event an employee becomes ill.

We want to do our part in fighting COVID-19 and taking care of people and communities across our nation.  We believe our work to bring the right technologies and solutions to bear and to scale goes hand-in-hand with the contributions being made by individuals and governments to end this crisis and recover from it.


For more information about how Siemens can support you, please contact a member of our External Affairs team:


Northeast: David Armour
West: Dennis Rodriguez
Southeast: Denise Quarles
Midwest: Judy Martinez

Promoting health testing

Siemens Healthineers Now Shipping Worldwide Total Antibody Test and Molecular Test Kit for COVID-19

Siemens Healthineers is ramping up test-kit production as the pandemic evolves, with the global capacity to exceed 50 million tests per month across its platforms starting in June. Production will increase at the company’s Walpole (Walpole, MA) and Glasgow (Newark, DE) facilities.

Supporting critical infrastructure

Digital manufacturing plays a major role in national-level resiliency

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we look at manufacturing.  What we thought of as industry issues are now national issues.  The modernization of U.S. manufacturing must be a leading priority for upgrading America’s critical infrastructure, because America’s manufacturing strengths support the capabilities that are key to national resilience such as mobility, power, and healthcare.  Manufacturers make the products, equipment and tools—from rail rolling stock, to power generators, to virus testing kits and vaccines—that these sectors rely on.


Thus, the digital transformation of U.S. manufacturing is critical for America as we prepare to face the next great challenge.  Being resilient isn’t just about being able to keep the lights on or trains running or hospitals operating.  It also means that we can react and respond quickly to hard-to-predict production needs in times of crisis.


Find out how Siemens is helping manufacturing adapt to a COVID-19 world.

When you need us

Siemens Business Contact Information

Customers with questions about service support during the COVID-19 pandemic should contact their Siemens representative, or use the contact information below:


Siemens Energy:  The Siemens Energy U.S. Remote Expert Center call center, at 1-888-869-9009, can provide 24/7 Siemens controls and automation support, and can put customers in touch with the right Siemens Energy personnel. Customers can also contact their Project Manager or Sales representative.


Siemens Industrial Automation:  Immediate assistance is available 24/7 for customers and partners through the Industry Customer Care Center at 1-800-333-7421.  For more information about engaging the Industrial Automation service team during this pandemic, please visit the COVID-19 Industry Services page.  Please also see the Siemens Digital Industries Software Response to COVID-19 page.


Siemens Mobility:  Customers can reach out to the Siemens Mobility call center at 1-800-241-4453 for informational support and to connect with Mobility personnel.


Siemens Smart Infrastructure:  For customers who need to reach someone about building automation, fire and life safety, building security, low and medium voltage power distribution, control products and grid control, please contact 1-800-SIEMENS.