Students returning to classroom during COVID

Reopening America: How do we take the next step? 

On the frontlines of COVID-19 response efforts, Siemens USA is helping to defeat the virus and forge a path to economic recovery.

Siemens tech enhances building safety at The National Center for Civil and Human Rights

In an effort to safely remain open to the public amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Center for Civil and Human Rights (NCCHR) has incorporated thermal imaging and air-purification technologies from Siemens and its partners into its existing health and safety protocols.

COVID-19 science tells us that the virus spreads most easily indoors.  Our team has focused on reinventing indoor air management systems by leveraging an ozone-free, indoor air purification solution.  The technology is installed in HVAC systems and works by flooding the air with positive and negative ions that neutralize COVID-19 and all types of pathogens, mold, and both airborne and surface contaminants.  These solutions have been verified in testing and are now being used by 150+ local government offices, schools, and universities around the U.S., as well as in other environments being converted for emergency medical use.


Re-opening education:  Siemens worked with Molloy College in Rockville Centre, NY to help ensure safe, healthy environments to live and learn by implementing a Smart Air QualityTM program, including an Ozone-Free, Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Solution in its three residential halls.  As a result, students, faculty and staff can continue with confidence on campus for in-person learning and living going forward in 2021.

Siemens experts have innovated to support COVID-19 crisis response teams, manufacturers, and suppliers to keep operations and supply chains up and running.  Our software and automation hardware has been applied to help significantly increase manufacturing throughput for critical products, like PPE.  These tools can be used in any existing or new manufacturing facility to increase production capacity or switch existing production lines to produce biopharmaceuticals, PPE, or medical devices.

As the national vaccine rollout begins, antibody testing will support the assessment of vaccine effectiveness, which will play a key role in promoting public health.  Siemens Healthineers antibody tests are available across the US on the largest installed base of testing equipment, with high throughput, fast turn-around, and substantial capacity for manufacturing approximately 50 million test kits per month in our Massachusetts and Delaware facilities.  Antibody testing can also be used to prove the effectiveness of vaccines, enabling public trust in our nation’s efforts to defeat the virus.  Tracking antibody levels in months 3, 6 and 9 following vaccination and annually will help to understand how effective the different vaccines are and how long the antibodies last.  To further this effort, Siemens Healthineers has collaborated with The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to standardize and determine antibody levels that are necessary for immunity.


The Siemens Foundation, Siemens Healthineers and Siemens employees have donated more than $5.4 million to address the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, including $2.13 million to 20 community health centers, $500,000 to the National Governors Association’s Reskilling and Recovery Network, and nearly $3 million in funding and COVID-19 testing technologies to Testing for America to support the safe reopening of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) across the country. The latter effort enabled Delaware State University to perform 35,000 tests, testing students twice weekly, to provide in-person instruction during the pandemic.

Providing resources for state and local leadership

For information on how Siemens can support state and local government with our solutions detailed above, please email:

Northeast:  Brie Sachse

Midwest:  Judy Martinez
Southeast:  Denise Quarrels
West:  Dennis Rodriguez


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