Matt Helgeson

Head of Sustainability, Siemens USA

As Head of Sustainability for Siemens USA, Matt is responsible for advancing the company’s DEGREE framework and decarbonization strategy on its path toward becoming net-zero across all operations by 2030. Matt manages the implementation of U.S. initiatives that support the company’s ambitious goals, furthering Siemens as an industry leader in sustainability. These initiatives include the ongoing transition to a zero-emission fleet, expansion of essential electric vehicle infrastructure, deploying distributed energy and energy efficiency projects, and driving renewable energy generation in the U.S. market. Matt is creating partnerships with Siemens’ customers and stakeholders to drive toward common sustainability targets, leveraging technology with purpose.


Helgeson has spent his career at Siemens working across roles within the energy sector, most recently leading the development of utility-scale projects involving renewable and distributed generation, energy storage, transportation electrification, and digital grid solutions. He has managed relationships with some of the nation’s largest power providers, focusing on aligning sustainability requirements with Siemens’ offerings and strategy. 


A graduate of the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Helgeson has prioritized the importance of cross-business collaboration and enablement throughout his career.


Matt is an active member of The Corporate Eco Forum and serves on the Board of Directors for the Alliance to Save Energy.