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Acting on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

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Siemens expands U.S. manufacturing in support of national infrastructure projects

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Securing project funding

The bipartisan infrastructure law provides the largest long-term investment in U.S. infrastructure in nearly a century. Siemens can help you access and compete for project support.

The bipartisan infrastructure law addresses much more than roads and bridges. From EVs to rail and the grid, learn how Siemens is building for a changing tomorrow.

The power grid not only has to be made newer but made smarter. And we can do this right now. Technology and private-sector-led financing models are ready to be deployed, enabling us to modernize the power grid, decarbonize infrastructure and increase resilience to shocks and severe weather.

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Solutions for grid modernization


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The era of the smart building is here. As we make buildings heathier and safer, now is the time to scale the work to also make them more sustainable and resilient. Deploying data technologies and clean power systems decarbonizes buildings while making them safer and less expensive to operate and maintain. This improved performance will help address the pressing demands of urbanization, climate change, and increasing populations.

Siemens designs smart buildings to leverage data to create adaptable, people-centric environments that organizations rely upon to increase competitiveness, drive productivity, and support long-term growth. We bring the right people, processes and technology so our customers can achieve world-class operations and a superior occupant experience today and into the future.

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Solutions for states and cities

Creating environments that care

Smart Airports


To meet growing demand for electric vehicle charging solutions, Siemens has committed to building one million chargers over the next four years and offers end-to-end solutions for EV charging infrastructure in our PlugtoGrid portfolio. We’re also working on a concept, VersiCharge XL, to electrify new or existing parking lots and building structures quickly and efficiently using a modular, scalable design made in partnership with Nexii Building Solutions (Nexii)—please see video at right. Siemens eMobility® is working with Ford on the Ford Charge Station Pro, a custom electric vehicle (EV) charger for the new Ford F-150 Lightning. Investing in such infrastructure and power grid modernization today will accelerate the market trends and energy transition that promise to drastically improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.


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Electric vehicle infrastructure solutions

VersiCharge XL: the industry-first sustainable charging solution

Siemens collaborates with Ford on customized electric-vehicle charger for the F-150 Lightning


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This is a critical time to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies to strengthen manufacturing and reinvent the U.S. supply chain. Siemens is helping our customers implement a host of new technologies—automation, digital twin, additive manufacturing, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and Industrial 5G—to do things faster, more cost efficiently, and more sustainably than ever before. We’re also helping manufacturers reskill and upskill their people and find their future workforce to fill the many thousands of open roles in manufacturing.


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Siemens USA: Transforming Manufacturing


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As technology provider to Amtrak and 40 of the nation’s transit agencies, Siemens Mobility partners with more than 2,000 U.S. suppliers to put cleaner and more comfortable trains on America’s rail lines. The company is now working on delivering 70+ sustainable, reliable train engines to Amtrak that include predictive maintenance technology and real-time digital monitoring, in one of the largest mass investments in improving American rail travel.


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Siemens USA Mobility

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Siemens is developing technical training pathways and building talent pipelines with more than 100,000 academic institutions nationwide. And we’re supporting our own workforce by investing $37 million annually in employee training programs.


We’re also putting a bigger spotlight on the opportunities that are currently available through a new communications campaign called “Where the Jobs Are,” which showcases the more than 2,000 positions we have open, and are hiring to fill. 


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Opportunities for Veterans

Siemens USA Careers: Work with us


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Siemens USA: a national asset for more than 160 years

Siemens supports the critical infrastructure and vital industries that form the backbone of America’s economy. And with customers in all 50 states and more than 100 U.S. cities, our 40,000 employees and 24,000 suppliers are ready to transform America’s infrastructure – creating more agile and productive factories, more intelligent and resilient buildings and power systems, and more reliable and sustainable transportation.