Siemens drone stills of Bronzeville project, Chicago

Decarbonization solutions that deliver long-term environmental results

Together, we address sustainability across the entire value chain as we help make the changes and improvements the world needs now—like implementing a plan to decarbonize one of our largest brownfield manufacturing plants in the US. Learn how we are multiplying impact across every sector of the economy. 
Siemens Chicago drone stills of Bronzeville, Chicago

America’s first utility-driven microgrid cluster makes a historic Chicago community more resilient

In Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood, Siemens is helping a major utility build resilience and reliability that benefit residents by using a microgrid to optimize energy it gets from the established grid. The Siemens microgrid management system makes sure electricity keeps flowing and targets disruptions.

We Are Committed to Achieving a Net Zero-Carbon Footprint

As a global technology powerhouse, Siemens is well positioned to drive solutions on electrification, automation and digitalisation to help accelerate the clean energy transition. I’m delighted that they are addressing their own operations too – through renewable power, smarter energy use and electric transport.
Mike Peirce | Corporate Partnerships Director, Climate Group

An Action Plan for a Decarbonized Future

Buildings account for nearly 40 percent of energy-related CO2 emissions annually.  That’s a major climate impact that can be controlled right now.  Utilizing Siemens technologies, buildings can be smart, safe, and carbon neutral and capable of capitalizing on data to meet sustainability and efficiency targets.

The ability of comprehensive energy-management systems to set key performance metrics for resilience, efficiency, and new technologies can accelerate the pace of investment in clean-energy projects.

Buildings play a key role in how sustainably and competitively organizations fulfill their mission: they impact financial and reputational strength, service delivery capability, as well as employee well-being and productivity. Learn more about the services and solutions that can provide that competitive edge.

Environmental Innovation at Work

Onsite power systems, like microgrids, are ready and able to be the backbone for a new, decentralized model of power delivery.  These systems will prepare grid networks for unpredictable spikes in demand.  Siemens envisions large consumers of power using these onsite power systems to supplement the connection to the utility grid.  They’ll be able to insulate their services from outages and serve as a local grid resource as needed.

Environmental Innovation at Work

The world of transportation continues to rapidly evolve, which is why Siemens is committed to providing the complete solution for customers to help them succeed in their eMobility journey. We are shaping the market with innovative charging technology solutions, powering the infrastructure across various sectors, as well as planning and implementing secure grid connections to enable the growth of electrifying transportation. Learn more about our eMobility® Solutions.


Environmental Innovation at Work

Expert Corner

Did you know that electric vehicles have been around since 1828?  Learn more about the evolution of the electric vehicle market from challenges to innovations and more.

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For business, being sustainable and purpose-driven is not only a competitive advantage; it’s an imperative. Many organizations recognize the importance of building sustainability initiatives in their business growth strategy, yet they struggle to access budget. At Siemens, we invest with an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) mindset, providing financing for customers across a wide range of sectors.

The manufacturing industry is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide – accounting for just over 22% of emissions in the United States. By deploying technologies and solutions to improve energy efficiency, integrating renewable energy and decarbonizing product carbon footprints the manufacturing industry can minimize emissions while increasing productivity and gaining a competitive edge.

Environmental Innovation at Work

Partnerships and Collaborations for Sustainability

Close collaboration with stakeholders helps us to the address complex and intertwined challenges in the environmental realm.  We are proud to work with these organizations and their members to share knowledge, best practices and to help accelerate sustainable business innovation. 

Additional Information on our approach to environmental action

Our efforts in the field of decarbonization and resource protection cover the entire value chain. Imperative for Siemens are: climate protection, the economical use of energy, the efficient use of environmentally-friendly materials and the principles of recycling management which complement each other.

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To learn more about our plan to achieve net zero emissions across all operations, download our Sustainability Report.