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Taking Action to Address Climate Change: Our Commitment to Sustainability

Siemens is supporting the Decade of Action to accelerate the adoption of sustainable technologies so our customers, our communities and our employees can lead the U.S. towards a low-carbon future.
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The Power of "Local" in the Global Energy Transition

As climate change becomes imminent with wildfires, hurricanes, and other extreme weather conditions resulting in significant social and economic consequences, there’s a societal imperative to harness reliable and sustainable power in a scalable and affordable way.  Siemens Financial Services (SFS) is playing a key role in this energy transition by investing in local companies to create ecosystems – networks of experienced companies, investors and technological experts that lay the foundation for a low-emission, high-resilience future.

We are Committed to Fight Global Warming

Applying technology with speed can accelerate positive change

In 2015, Siemens was the first major industrial company to commit to becoming carbon neutral. And now after achieving a 54% reduction in emissions, we are committed to Net Zero operations by 2030, in line with Science Based Targets. This decision was more than just demonstrating our dedication to corporate responsibility.  It allowed us to demonstrate what’s already possible utilizing today’s technologies when it comes to addressing climate change.  The technology needed to rapidly reduce carbon emissions is already in the marketplace.  With a strong focus on industry, infrastructure and transport, we help create agile factories, intelligent and efficient buildings, and more sustainable transport systems.  This is how Siemens supports its customers to increase their competitiveness and - at the same time - sets the course for a successful energy transition in the areas of industry, transportation and buildings.  We also believe that by rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, the U.S. will accelerate an ongoing energy transition as we invest in sustainable technologies.


Blue Lake Rancheria: Microgrids contain all the elements of complex energy systems. They maintain the balance between generation and consumption, and they can operate on grid or in island mode. The Blue Lake Rancheria microgrid provides life, health and safety-level power reliability while reducing costs and carbon emissions.

An Action Plan for a Decarbonized Future

Buildings account for nearly 40 percent of energy-related CO2 emissions annually.  That’s a major climate impact that can be controlled right now.  Utilizing Siemens technologies, buildings can be smart, safe, and carbon neutral and capable of capitalizing on data to meet sustainability and efficiency targets.


The ability of comprehensive energy-management systems to set key performance metrics for resilience, efficiency, and new technologies can accelerate the pace of investment in clean-energy projects.

Environmental Innovation at Work

Onsite power systems, like microgrids, are ready and able to be the backbone for a new, decentralized model of power delivery.  These systems will prepare grid networks for unpredictable spikes in demand.  Siemens envisions large consumers of power using these onsite power systems to supplement the connection to the utility grid.  They’ll be able to insulate their services from outages and serve as a local grid resource as needed.

The smart way to take control of your energy future

In the wake of an energy system change – from a system of centralized large-scale power generation to an increasingly distributed, decarbonized and digitally-enabled landscape—significant new opportunities arise:

Environmental Innovation at Work

The past decade has seen the introduction of 1 million electric vehicles to U.S. roads; 20 million more are forecasted to be added in the next decade. After renewable generation, electrification of transportation—what we call e-Mobility—stands out as the most promising opportunity to reduce global carbon emissions.

Expert Corner

Did you know that electric vehicles have been around since 1828?  Learn more about the evolution of the electric vehicle market from challenges to innovations and more.

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America’s air pollution levels have dramatically improved over the past four decades, but millions of Americans still breathe unhealthy air due to traffic-related pollution and/or poor indoor air quality management. Learn about the technologies, services, and solutions available to help businesses and cities improve air quality.


Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy

While the notion of multinational companies demonstrating purpose in delivering value to a broad range of stakeholders has gained momentum in recent years, this is nothing new for Siemens. For more than 160 years, we have been a part of the fabric of the U.S., engaging with many different communities and investing ourselves in our shared success.

Our mission is to help solve the world’s biggest challenges, improve the lives of people all over the world, and leave our planet stronger than we found it. A clean environment, healthy communities, workers prepared for the jobs of tomorrow, and a business that reflects the diversity of the customers, industries, and societies we serve and high ethical standards—these are our imperatives.

As a result, our environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts are integral to every facet of our business. They imbue our work with purpose, and ensure that what we do is truly positioned to provide value for every customer, industry, and country we operate in. Not just today, but for decades to come.


To learn more:

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Partnerships and Collaborations for Sustainability

Close collaboration with stakeholders helps us to the address complex and intertwined challenges in the environmental realm.  We are proud to work with these organizations and their members to share knowledge, best practices and to help accelerate sustainable business innovation. 

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To learn more about our plan to achieve net zero emissions across all operations, download our Sustainability Report.