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Automation and Drives Customer Advisory Councils

Customer Advisory Councils

About Us

The Automation and Drives Customer Advisory Councils provide members with a platform to represent the customer perspective in ways that will ensure best value returns. The Councils will be a key source in the development of new product introductions, marketing and continuous improvement programs essential to our mutual success.

Council Goals

  • Highlight issues:  We want members to raise issues of importance, promote new ideas and opportunities for our products and solutions, and to seek out and bring forward solutions to emerging problems.
  • Influence the work of their respective Council:  Our goal is to consider our customers in everything we do – by listening to the “Voice of the Customer,” gathering your requirements, and promoting work to analyze them and progress activities aimed at responding to them.
  • Join the Councils that interest you:  There are 4 Councils, each with a distinctive focus and each including user membership facilitated by Siemens employee(s).


Our Councils

  • Customer Service:  Focusing on topics related to support including hotline, training, upgrade strategies, cybersecurity and more.
     o   Siemens facilitator:  Danh Diep
  • Factory Automation and Drives:  Focusing on automation, motion, safety, HMI and more.
    o   Siemens facilitators:  John D’Silva (factory automation technologies) and John Krasnokutsky (drives and motion control technologies)
  • Process Automation:  Focusing on process automation and process safety (PCS 7 and PCS neo).
    o   Siemens facilitator:  Rich Chmielewski
  • Solution Partners:  Our network of certified integrators who are experts in our key technologies.
    o   Siemens facilitator:  Ben Green


Please feel free to reach out to the individual Siemens facilitators if you are interested in learning more about the activities of a specific Council.