Infrastructure Week 2018

Spotlight Event - The Future of Cybersecurity: Risk & Resiliency. Click the link to download the webcast
The Future of Cybersecurity: Risk & Resiliency Download the webcast

Download the webcast

Siemens at Infrastructure Week

Reinvent, rebuild, renew — the time is now

How can cities optimize and revitalize infrastructure assets? A lot of U.S. infrastructure is nearing the end of its life, yet some systems can be reinvented using established technology.

The infrastructure challenge in the U.S. presents opportunities to:

  • Strengthen crucial infrastructure against cyberattack.
  • Replace aging infrastructure with resilient, low-carbon infrastructure that can leverage data to help mitigate climate change.
  • Develop public-private partnerships that can reduce costs for taxpayers.

As proud sponsor of Infrastructure Week, Siemens joins its industry partners, customers, and allies in a reexamination of infrastructure needs and how data and digital technology to optimize infrastructure and drive competitiveness.

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Highlights from Infrastructure Week 2018

Key Topics

Infrastructure Solutions

Siemens has more than 170 years of experience building machines and systems for physical infrastructure. Now, we can leverage data and technology already in the market to make infrastructure work better than ever before for cities and for the people who live there. 

Cybersecurity and the Charter of Trust

Siemens not only analyzes customer data – the company also protects it. Globally Siemens has more than 1,200 cybersecurity experts that work to continuously improving the security of its products and solutions. 

But our broader view is that no one company or organization can take on the cybersecurity threat alone. This is why Siemens is now working with other companies through The Charter of Trust – a global alliance aimed at securing everything from power grids and oil rigs to factories and transportation systems in the digital age. 

To underscore the importance of cybersecurity and the Charter of Trust, Siemens sponsored a thought event with Bloomberg in Washington, DC, “The Future of Cybersecurity: Risk and Resiliency Across Critical Infrastructure.” The event featured CEO Joe Kaeser and a number of major cybersecurity experts for insights and Q&A.  

Download the event webcast

Charter of Trust News: Securing Critical Infrastructure Highlighted as New Partners Join Charter of Trust during U.S. Infrastructure Week


Siemens’ approach isn’t to come to cities with a list of products and ready-made solutions. Siemens comes to them with data. The company allows city leaders and planners to see how its infrastructure is working in real time – the entire system, not just individual parts of it. 

Siemens developed an operating system, called MindSphere, which makes it easier for cities to link their complex infrastructure systems, and then organize and find the highlights in their data after it’s moved into the cloud. 

Learn more about MindSphere.

City Performance Tool

This is a software platform that Siemens uses to calculate what investments in new infrastructure technologies will yield in terms of improving the environment and strengthening the economy. Many cities have set targets to reduce emissions, for instance. And with the City Performance Tool, Siemens help cities determine what it will take to achieve their targets and give them a clear roadmap for how to do it. 

Learn more about the City Performance Tool.

City Performance Tool News: Los Angeles Infrastructure Projections & Findings Released from Siemens’ Urban Development Experts

Customer Solutions

Customer Solutions

Employee Spotlight

Future Infrastructure Leaders

Every member of the Siemens family is helping to shape a better tomorrow. We want to celebrate all of our #FutureMakers and share their stories with the world. Get to know some of our future infrastructure leaders. 
Learn more

Learn more

Siemens can offer the software and smart data expertise along with the hardware and financing solutions that are really needed to refresh American infrastructure.  Learn more about our comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure solutions.