Siemens Future of Automation Manufacturing LEGO Challenge

Making the impossible possible!  Researchers, scientists and engineers at Siemens Corporate Technology, in partnership with LEGO, invite you to collaborate to solve this challenge:  How can robots customize and build a LEGO sports car autonomously?

What is Autonomous Manufacturing? 

A dominant trend in manufacturing is the move toward small production volumes and high product variability.  It is thus anticipated that future manufacturing automation systems will be characterized by a high degree of autonomy, and will be able to learn new behaviors without explicit programming.  Siemens Corporate Technology collaborates with leading researchers and academic institutions around the world.  Now, we want to expand our collaborations to innovative teams and independent researchers willing to push past their comfort zones, embrace new ways of thinking, and ultimately come together to solve this unique challenge.

Siemens Future of Automation Manufacturing LEGO Challenge

We are looking (to collaborate with) inventors, technicians, scientists, researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about technology and innovation. We are applying technologies like artificial intelligence, robotic manipulation, computer vision, generative design and model-based engineering to reach our goal.


We invite everyone who is interested in this challenge to register through this website.

The Mission

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Terms & Conditions

Additional Terms and Conditions to the Siemens Terms of Use

Anyone over 18 years of age.

All submissions and communications must be in English.

Participants are responsible for ensuring that they own all right, title and interest in their submissions, including all intellectual property rights in, and embodied by, such submissions.  At the request of Siemens, a Participant shall provide written certification of the ownership of any rights, title and interest in the submission, including all intellectual property rights in, and embodied by, the submission.  Participants shall also certify that their submissions do not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights and that no intellectual property rights were misappropriated.


All submissions are considered public information.  Submissions are NOT considered confidential, and will not be treated by Siemens as being confidential.


Participants agree to allow Siemens to use, represent, reproduce, etc., the participants’ submissions, photographs, recordings of their submissions or their images on any kind of medium and format for any kind of internal and external communications by Siemens throughout the world and without any additional renumeration.

Participants are not guaranteed selection by Siemens for collaboration.   Selection is at Siemens’ sole discretion.

If selected by Siemens, such selection is not an endorsement by Siemens. 


Selected Participants may be provided additional contractual documents relevant to the particular collaboration with Siemens.


No prizes (monetary or otherwise) will be awarded for selection.

The terms and conditions for this challenge may be updated or modified by Siemens at any time.

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