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Water is the earth's most precious commodity.  Because of its value and the challenges faced by the industry, it's become a direct operational challenge or an issue in the value chain for municipalities and nearly every business industry.  When problems arise, not only is production at stake, reputation and license to operate are too.  So now more than ever, it's imperative that stakeholders improve efficiency across the entire hydrological cycle.


Siemens offers the latest solutions because we’re committed to solving the water industry’s most complicated challenges today – and  tomorrow.  Our latest digital enterprise solutions consist of safe and secure hardware and software to integrate the engineering and operations of plant facilities.  This allows end-users to take their water & wastewater treatment facility to the next level of productivity.

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Key Topics

Water Industry

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Our solutions give your organization the ability to endure, recover from disruption, and anticipate trends and variability so you can maintain services while protecting the natural environment.


  • Siemens offers drop-in control components that feed necessary information that gives plant-wide access to control data, process values, and measured values without complex configuration.
  • Water and waste water facilities are tough on equipment. Whether it’s hot, cold, wet, dry, New Year’s Day or 4th of July, it has to run. The new SINAMICS G120X drives are made specifically for any environment. It keeps your pumps going because it works together to make your system easy to use and hard to stop.
  • Strategically placed process measurement equipment tied back to your control room can be used for day to day measurement but can also be configured to recognize conditions outside the normal expected parameters, providing alarms and other indications of an upset condition before it becomes a major incident.
  • Our PACT® family of biological treatment solutions help protect from system upsets.

Aging infrastructure

As cities and organizations across the country struggle to maintain their water infrastructure, innovative approaches have put some ahead of the curve.


  • Siemens helps customers upgrade legacy solutions with tomorrow’s technology by offering a comprehensive portfolio featuring the most advanced industrial controls available, to cover every control requirement, small and large, including traditional NEMA-rated components.
  • NEW:  If you’re like most of our municipal customers, it’s probably not a word you use often. But whenever you do put in something new, it has to work with the old.  That’s where the new SINAMICS G120X can help.  With integrated functions like pipe filling mode, soft start and others, you can ensure the new doesn’t harm the old.  And since we integrated deragging and anti-cavitation, you can preserve those older components for another day.
  • Part of an aging infrastructure is relying on measurement technologies that may not allow proactive evaluation of your current operating conditions.  Today’s digital communication protocols found on process measurement instrumentation can provide valuable input on your overall system health by monitoring not only your primary measurement requirement but also by tracking other key variables that may indicate a problem that can be identified and solved before it becomes a major system issue.
  • Through our complete life cycle management and aftermarket parts and services, we can keep your industrial wastewater treatment plant running like new.

Rising operational costs

Industry experts assert that water tariffs will need to increase each year in order to maintain existing infrastructure and generate the annual investment required. In response, many utilities are increasing wastewater service rates which raises even more problems. We offer solutions to help combat rising operational costs without having to charge higher rates.


  • Siemens offers interoperable hardware controls, enabling legacy systems’ modernization with next-gen intelligence and connectivity designed, engineered, and built-in to ensure asset reliability and availability, and provide greater operational visibility—boosting output and profitability.
  • How can drives help with rising operational cost?  One of the most common ways is with energy savings.  The new SINAMICS G120X has integrated eco-mode, energy savings mode, hibernation mode and other functionalities along with an integrated energy savings calculator right on the keypad.
  • Return on investment is a critical measurement used to evaluate money spent versus money saved.  If updating your process measurement instrumentation can help detect a leak of a few hundred gallons, versus a pipeline break of millions of gallons, or can help identify the location of a problem to a few feet versus tearing up a full city block, how quickly will that process measurement equipment pay for itself?


Improving efficiency

  • Improving efficiency has become job-one with many municipalities.  Drives are often looked to as a way to do that.  And they can.  But just adding a drive doesn’t give you the savings you may think. It’s the way you use the drive to control your system that delivers results. Of course, installing a drive that’s already 98+% efficient is a great start.  The new SINAMICS G120X is.  And it’s packed full of other functions like eco-mode, hibernation and lots more to reduce energy use. Its ability to run induction, permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance saves energy, too.  Let us help. 
  • We have foundational control components that provide information for predictive maintenance, energy data management, and resource optimization by feeding this into new or legacy distributed control systems
  • Everything we have already discussed about improving your process measurement capabilities will lead to greater efficiencies in day to day operations as well as averting or limiting major issues that can arise.  Ask yourself if you have the process measurements you need to create a cost effective, system efficient, disaster averting network of treatment and distribution.  Siemens can help you bring this all together, in the field and the control room.
  • Talk to our experts about improving the efficiency of your industrial wastewater treatment plant through the use of our PACT® family of biological treatment solutions.

New product offerings


Completely web-based process control: for today and tomorrow

SIMATIC PCS neo is an innovative distributed control system (DCS) from Siemens that opens up new opportunities in the age of digitalization.  By leveraging web-based technologies, users can access the control system from almost any device without installing local DCS software and licenses.  The system boosts collaboration by allowing multiple users to work on the same project at the same time from any location.  SIMATIC PCS neo’s flexible plant architecture scales to support applications of all sizes, from small processes to large scale plants.


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The New Drive Made Exclusively for Infrastructure 

Your work relies on the reliable movement of water. And all the stuff that’s in the water, whether you want it there or not.  You need drives that are designed not only to run pumps, but that are developed specifically for equipment that is part of a vast and aging water infrastructure.  The SINAMICS G120X is that drive.  It is simple to use, cost & energy efficient, robust, reliable and fit for digitalization.  And safe.  The G120X meets the new UL61800-5-1 standard and its 100kA short-circuit current requirement, as well as integrated SIL3-rated safety functions and much more.


New Pump Protection Functions with SIMOCODE pro Motor Management System 

SIMOCODE pro monitors the current and active power of the motor to determine pump status for pump blockage and dry run conditions.  For pump blockage, if a defined threshold value is exceeded, SIMOCODE pro reverses the pump direction to dislodge impeller blade deposits.  For dry run, SIMOCODE pro uses active power consumption to determine the flow rate and can stop the pump before damage to equipment or process – without the need for additional monitoring devices or sensors.  This ensures reliable explosion protection in accordance with ATEX / IECEx criteria.


Stay Informed

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What’s the best way to meet IEEE Std. 519?  This white paper can help.

There’s no simple answer. Each situation and application is different.  IEEE Std. 519 2014 is a recommended standard to help reduce the negative impacts of non-linear loads on electronics and control systems on the same grid as the source of harmonic distortion.  Water and wastewater operations employ many large nonlinear loads using variable frequency drives (VFDs) that are often the sources of harmonic distortion. IEEE recommends limits of 5-8% total harmonic distortion (THD) to the protect assets on the grid.  This paper considers many of the advantages and disadvantages of five VFD technologies—including active front end (AFE) and 18-pulse—and how each addresses the negative impacts of non-linear loads and harmonics.

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Easy to Use, Hard to Stop Drives for Infrastructure 

With its high-definition color graphical interface, the G120X may look intimidating.  But with just a few clicks, you’re up and running.  Functions designed specifically for infrastructure pumping—anti-cavitation, integrated deragging, eco-mode, and so much more—get your system running at its peak in no time and keep it there.

Siemens successfully commissions Zimpro® wet air oxidation unit for olefins plant

Siemens Water Solutions successfully installed and started up a Zimpro® wet air oxidation (WAO) system at a global petrochemical company’s olefins plant in the Southern U.S.  The order, received in November 2017, is the second Zimpro® wet air oxidation system supplied to the customer. The first system was supplied in 2004.

What are the top five reasons you should upgrade your ultrasonic level transmitter?

Are you having issues with your ultrasonic level transmitter but can’t decide the best route to solving your problem? Whether it concerns the installation, maintenance, or reporting process, why not speak to an expert and find out what your options are?

Why should I consider putting field instrumentation data in the cloud?

With all this talk about digitalization and Industry 4.0, we often get questions like, “Why should I put field instrumentation data in the cloud?”, “What’s the benefit?” or “How is it done?” It makes sense to ask these questions so you can understand how digitalization can benefit your plant operations and maintenance in any current or future upgrade projects.