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From electrification to automation to digitalization, Siemens meets your water challenges today and tomorrow - September 21-25, 2019.
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Siemens at WEFTEC 2018

Smart solutions every step of the way

Over time, wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) parts wear out, regulatory requirements tighten, and operational costs rise. Water professionals seeking solutions to these and other issues will converge at WEFTEC September 29-October 3 in New Orleans, LA.

Solutions to some of the industry's toughest wastewater treatment challenges will be displayed at Siemens booth #3629.

Stop by our booth to discover solutions to your  toughest challenges. With the incorporation of electrification, automation, and digitalization, our experts are excited to demo the most advanced technological products and solutions available.


A solution for every water industry challenge

Water is the earth's most precious commodity. Because of its value and the challenges faced by the industry, it's become a direct operational challenge or an issue in the value chain for municipalities and nearly every business industry. When problems arise, not only is production at stake, reputation and license to operate are too. So now more than ever, it's imperative that stakeholders improve efficiency across the entire hydrological cycle.


Siemens offers the latest solutions because we’re committed to solving the water industry’s most complicated challenges today – and  tomorrow. Our latest digital enterprise solutions consist of safe and secure hardware and software to integrate the engineering and operations of plant facilities. This allows end-users to take their water & wastewater treatment facility to the next level of productivity while:

  • Improving infrastructure
  • Managing operational costs
  • Conforming to tightening regulations
  • Improving efficiency
  • Reusing water
  • Implementing cyber security
  • And more
Customer Solutions

Take a look at some of the solutions on display at WEFTEC 2018.


New product offerings

SIRIUS 3RW5 Soft Starters

Our new family of soft starters provide energy efficient switching and digitalization for cloud-based analysis and integrate with most industrial communication networks, such as PROFINET, Modbus and Ethernet IP.Siemens introduces our new family of soft starters. They provide energy efficient switching and digitalization for cloud-based analysis and they integrate with most industrial communication networks such as PROFINET, Modbus, and Ethernet IP.

SIERS Retractable Stabs

Expanding SIERS medium-voltage switchgear's success, Siemens developed remote-operating options for tiastar™ low-voltage motor control centers (LV MCCs) and SIMOVAC™ medium-voltage motor controller (MVC) product families with your operator's safety in mind. Remotely operate your equipment while standing outside the arc-flash zone and reduce personal protective equipment needs per NFPA-70E® standard. The operations are controlled via a hand-held pendant or via communications. SIERS is available as a field retrofit for existing tiastar or SIMOVAC units.

Virtual Tech Support

For operators, the commissioning and maintenance of field instruments requires considerable time and personnel, regardless of whether they’re deployed in hazardous or non-hazardous environments. Now these services can be optimally supported via remote access using powerful, modern communication media.

Brise™ 2.0 Pump

Siemens’ industry-leading Brise™ bubble generating pump technology has been enhancing flotation systems in the Oil & Gas industry for over 20 years. And now, our new Brise™ 2.0 pump continues – and improves – that tradition of superior flotation performance, and helps save you money, in an ever-changing oil production market.

Key Topics

Water Industry

Visit our booth to discover how we're tackling the water industry's key topics.

Water may be costing you more than you think

Siemens Cost of Water webinars features industry best practices and our new custom calculators that highlight savings opportunities in the water and wastewater industries. The 3-webinar series are designed to help public and private enterprises determine where they could be losing money in the following areas:

  • Leak detection
  • Economy pumping
  • Chemical dosing

Challenges facing the water industry

The water industry and its suppliers will have to overcome a myriad of challenges in order to improve service, affordability, and innovation performance. Among the issues facing the water industry are:

  • Aging infrastructure
  • Rising operational costs
  • Tightening regulations
  • Improving efficiency
  • Water scarcity
  • Cyber security
  • And more

With a comprehensive suite of technical solutions and extensive process know-how in every area of water and wastewater treatment operations, stop by to learn how Siemens can serve as the single-source solution provider for public and private enterprises throughout the water and wastewater industry. 

Cyber Security and the Charter of Trust

Siemens not only analyzes customer data – the company also protects it. Globally Siemens has more than 1,200 cybersecurity experts that work to continuously improving the security of its products and solutions. 


But our broader view is that no one company or organization can take on the cybersecurity threat alone. This is why Siemens is now working with other companies through The Charter of Trust – a global alliance aimed at securing everything from power grids and oil rigs to factories and transportation systems in the digital age. 


To underscore the importance of cybersecurity and the Charter of Trust, Siemens sponsored a thought event with Bloomberg in Washington, DC, “The Future of Cybersecurity: Risk and Resiliency Across Critical Infrastructure.” The event featured CEO Joe Kaeser and a number of major cybersecurity experts for insights and Q&A.  


Stay Informed

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Why should I consider putting field instrumentation data in the cloud?

Highlights from WEFTEC 2017


In its 90th year, WEFTEC continues to be the largest water quality conference and exhibition in North America. Water quality professionals had the opportunity to attend expert-led lectures, seminars, and networking events by Siemens employees.