#FutureMaker: Aditya Negi

Aditya Negi - Catalyst

I have always sought out and found satisfaction in activities that have a tangible impact on people. And what better example of that than Energy? Energy plays a critical role to provide goods and services that are essential to the development of society and human capital. This is what gets me out of bed every morning and in my role at Siemens, I have the opportunity to contribute each day to such a meaningful impact. To be considered a Future Maker in such a field is quite humbling. With the rapid emergence of renewables, the entire Energy industry is on a journey of transformation. We need to take care that it occurs in an economically sustainable and environmentally conscious manner that benefits everyone in our ecosystem – from suppliers to end-consumers. I don’t believe that this is will be a linear transformation. Digitalization will be a key disruptor in this infrastructure heavy industry and all players in the value chain will come to embrace it. And different stakeholders from across the vertical will come together to figure out how the Energy 2.0 / Industry 4.0 future could look like. At the same time, Energy companies must seek to better understand their customers’ value chain, clearly seeing the end-to-end picture, in order to play a more active and productive role in that space. Time is of the essence and to be successful, this transformation must start top-down. Leaders of this industry have to set the tone in their companies and pro-actively engage with key stakeholders on this journey. The industry incumbents cannot not shy away from exploring external mindsets and interacting with data-driven digital companies, and embarking on such journeys – that at times may appear risky – will be the only way to ensure that we continue to move the world forward in the most efficient and impactful way possible. Leaders in this industry will have to be pioneers, who can take on a collective vision and execute on that vision relentlessly. Failing and learning will be a part of it and the sooner we would do so, the faster we can all get to the finish line. That requirement is indicative of our biggest challenge: changing the mindset and culture of the industry, and approaching things differently. My favorite thing about my work with Siemens now is that we are trying to create a future product for the power services market by taking a very different approach and maintaining a different mindset than we’ve done traditionally. A stretched yet simple analogy would be creating the iPhone for the traditional mobile phone (Nokia) market. Only time will tell if we can be disruptive enough, but we are definitely not afraid to try. As a leader in this business, I play a small role in what is already a large ecosystem. Yet I strive to be a catalyst that can help transform an industry where a ‘don’t fix if it’s not broken’ unfortunately tends to be the norm. If we can be successful in this endeavor, we will indeed bring about a big change and impact.