“Wake up to a new world”

Mai-Britt Soendberg is the HR Business Partner for the Egypt Mega Project, overseeing the hiring, support and development of the team building three power plants across three different sites in Egypt.

Delivering more than just energy

“The future is powered by people,” says Mai-Britt Soendberg. As the person responsible for over 200 team members, from more than 26 different countries, Mai-Britt recognizes the importance of uniting a workforce.


Having moved with her whole family from Denmark to Egypt, she believes that taking the time to understand both the language and culture of a country breaks down barriers – fostering a sense of community in any team.


The Egypt Mega Project is about more than just delivering energy, it’s about building something for the future. “The team feels really proud of being part of something so important to the country”, says Mai-Britt. She considers a shared goal and a sense of purpose to be the ultimate incentives in realizing such a spectacular undertaking.


Get Mai-Britt’s perspective on what it takes to make it all happen.

Behind the scenes

Making Mai-Britt’s reality virtual

Mai-Britt opens up about her new life in Egypt and takes us on a tour of one of the Mega Project’s power plants. Using 360° cameras to create an immersive experience, we captured how she motivates and supports the team. Here’s how we did it.