Own a part of Siemens.

Our people are thinkers, makers and innovators, working together to create a smarter tomorrow. And with our Share Plans, Siemens employees can own a part of the company.

Siemens: Ingenuity for life

Since its inception as a small backyard company in 1847, Siemens has been driven by ingenuity, teamwork and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We don’t see the people who work at Siemens just as employees. We want everyone to think like business owners: to make responsible decisions, collaborate with each other and develop solutions that help to shape the future of our society. How do we do that? By living and fostering a strong ownership culture. And by letting our people participate in Siemens’ long-term development.
Always act as if it were your own company.
Joe Kaeser, President and CEO of Siemens AG

To us, that’s more than a strategy. We’re offering basically every employee the chance to own a part of Siemens, whether they’re working in our Munich headquarters or in a digital factory in China. Thanks to our Share Plans, over 165,000 Siemens employees – almost half of our workforce – hold company shares. And by 2020, we want to increase this number to over 200,000.

The Share Matching Program

That’s why we developed the Share Matching Program. We want to invite you to become a Siemens shareholder and reward you in the long term. The Share Matching Program follows a simple 3-3-1 principle: If you buy Siemens shares and participate in the program for three years, we’ll give you one additional share for every three shares you own – at no extra cost. For example, if you bought nine shares and meet the plan conditions, we’ll give you three free shares. What this means? In 2017, we issued 473,000 of these matching shares, worth almost € 56m, to 81,000 employees in 65 countries. This is our commitment to our employees and an investment into our shared future.

Siemens Profit Sharing

Even if you don’t invest in Siemens shares, you can still profit from our success. Introducing our unique Siemens Profit Sharing (SPS) program: in particularly successful years, we can decide to fund a financial pool. And if this pool reaches € 400m or more, we can distribute it to our employees around the world.

Our Share Plans

We offer a comprehensive share package that lets basically every one of our employees participate in the company’s development. It consists of several plans that makes holding of Siemens shares easier and more efficient. You’ll find detailed information under each tab.

With our Share Matching Program we give you a unique opportunity to own a part of Siemens. If you invest in Siemens shares and if the plan conditions are met, we’ll give you one additional share for every three shares you bought. Within the given ranges, decide on an amount you would like to invest in Siemens shares, and we’ll add your additional share(s) after the respective holding period.

We believe that we should share our success with our employees. That’s why we created our unique Siemens Profit Sharing (SPS) scheme: in particularly successful years, we can decide to fund a financial pool. Once this pool reaches € 400m or more, the Managing Board can distribute the pool and give shares (or cash, if applicable) to our employees around the world. As an eligible employee, all you need to take part is to sign up for an account and provide your consent to some documents.

We work towards long-term goals and sustainable growth that benefits everyone at Siemens. That’s why we reward our top executives and senior management with our Siemens Stock Awards. You’ll receive the shares after a 4-year vesting period if all conditions are met.

Here at Siemens we know that our employees, their ingenuity, passion and expertise drive our company forward. And we want to recognize those that achieve outstanding performance. That’s why we introduced the CEO Special Allocation. Under this program, employees that show exceptional performance can receive Stock Awards.

Our top executives and members of our senior management play a key role in our organization: they lead, inspire and motivate. And we want them to choose the best way towards a successful future for everyone. With our Share Ownership Guidelines, we encourage them to invest in Siemens and continuously hold a certain number of shares relating to their salary.

Siemens shares

Share Price Performance


Want to know more?

Below you’ll find answers to some questions we get asked frequently.

Some corporations raise capital by issuing shares to the public. Especially in case of larger companies, one can buy and sell such shares on the stock market. The stock market price of a share depends on a lot of factors such as profits and future prospects. So, depending on the situation, the stock market price may go up or down.

If you acquire a share you are a shareholder and own part of the company.

You can exercise all the rights of a shareholder. For example, voting at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and receiving a dividend on your Siemens shares, which is decided by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

If you want to profit from matching shares in the Share Matching Program, you have to hold onto your Siemens shares for several years. That means that you can’t sell or transfer your shares sooner if you want to receive the matching shares.

If we generate a profit, a portion of it can be distributed to the shareholders. We usually pay out a dividend. For example, we paid a dividend of € 3.60 on every share in 2017.

Please note that previous dividends are no indicator of future dividends.

Siemens Stock Awards are granted in addition to salary and are intended to foster future-oriented behavior.

They entitle our top executives and our senior management to receive Siemens stocks without having to make an additional payment after a 4-year “vesting” period. This means you’ll receive your shares after 4 years of being continually employed by Siemens. The number of Siemens shares to be finally be granted will depend on the attainment of a performance target.