Co-shaper of the digital industry of tomorrow

We are always on the lookout for bright minds who want to write the future of the industry together with us

With integrated automation and drive technologies and powerful industrial software, we at Siemens Expert House help manufacturing companies increase the flexibility and efficiency of their production processes and bring new products to market faster. Become part of our global team of experts as a student, graduate or experienced professional. Our first priority is the continuous development of our colleagues. For this purpose we offer more than 1000m² of space to test creative ideas on real industrial applications, to enrich them with our field experience and finally to realize them as proof of concept.

How we accompany our customers into the future of digital services

Those who want to be successful tomorrow seize the opportunities of digitalization today. Production cycles are becoming faster, products are being manufactured individually and processes have to become more resource-efficient - all of this requires new business models and innovative ideas. 

Service 4.0

The constant further development of products, systems and solutions increasingly requires digital services throughout the entire life cycle. We support our global customers as they enter the digital world. Together with them, we design new ways to plan plants effectively and digitally using the latest tools, to test them virtually under real environmental conditions and to guarantee maximum availability. 

Welcome to the Internet of Things

With our IoT platform MindSphere, we connect real things with the virtual world. This enables us to offer our customers high-performance services that are individually tailored to their needs and contribute to their business success with innovative analysis options. With our expert knowledge, we provide them with advice on how to optimally connect existing systems and thus enable access to our digital services. 

On new paths to success

The wishes of our customers and the demands on the service organization are changing faster than they did a few years ago. Our daily challenge? Flexibly design and proactively deal with these dynamics. By using agile methods, we can implement service requirements within the shortest possible time. We work together across divisions and proactively promote personal responsibility. In this way we optimize our processes and can offer our customers a state of the art service. 

Acting globally instead of reacting

An unplanned machine or plant standstill in the industrial sector means considerable damage for many customers. At the Expert House, we pursue one goal: to restore the availability of machines and systems as quickly as possible if the worst comes to the worst. But simply reacting is no longer enough today. We want to diagnose and prevent problems before they occur. How? Through cloud-based monitoring solutions combined with artificial intelligence. Through remote access, we identify irregularities on the customer's system and can thus rectify them before a fault occurs.

Get to know the people behind our ideas